Monday, October 29, 2012

Walton Boys: MEN IN SKIRTS ;)

In case you didn't catch it, the above title is a spoof of a spoof -- Robin Hood: Men in Tights. And don't worry, it does make sense that the Walton brothers are both boys and men. See what I mean?

They look 12 years old, all in extra-way-to-large-for-each-of-them swim trunks (belonging to a once much larger man) because no one brought swim trunks of their own. I totally thought we got a picture of them all on the roof jumping in to the pool (tradition) but we only got video of that. 

It looks nice out, but it was actually pretty cold. 

This weekend we went to Dallas to see Sam (Scott's youngest brother) after getting home from his 2-year mission in Fiji. At first I was thrown off how much he'd changed because I was of his crazy Fijian accent. He sounded soooo different; but after a day and a half of being in Dallas either his accent started to wear off (doubtful) or I just got used to it and I began to see the "same 'ol Sam" as before, except a little more grown up, more mature, and more spiritual- a few great benefits of serving a mission.

It was super fun to see most of the Walton family in town for his homecoming. All but one of the 5 brothers  could make it and when these boys get together, you can only expect some good old fashioned entertainment.

Here are a few pictures from the short, day-and-a-half trip.

Saturday night: TRUNK OR TREAT at the church

 Cousin Chloe the Clown (say that 5 times fast)
and Sydney Red Riding Hood

 Outside to the main event:

Family Christmas picture material,

 The WALTON TRUNK is the coolest

I promised ya men in skirts, didn't I?
More correctly, they are called sulu va-taga (if I googled that correctly). This is pretty much what sam walked around in for the last 2  years as a missionary (Missionary Elders dress in church dress during the week as well as on Sundays). This is the culture in Fiji. It's what they wear. Scott was a big fan. He said they were nice and spacious and not constricting! Maybe we should move to Fiji so he can feel normal and comfortable at the same time. :)

So there, a little culture there for ya. 

Love it. 

7 out of the 8 siblings 

How cute :)
Real life leis the Tongans in the ward made for Sam's homecoming.

 Now THIS is Christmas card worthy. 
Except Scott's in a skirt. Dang it!
And I'm pretty sure he's not looking at the camera..

Bahaha I must reveal it. Scott was on his tipi toes. 
No way he's as tall as Justin :) 
A handful of the Waltons are missing from this group shot but otherwise, 
(and Eisermanns and Neals, but you know what I'm gettin' at). :)
haha Deans bowl of peanut butter cracks me up, super random. 


  1. Syd's leg is in the right place, he could be wearing pants. You could still use it for your Christmas card. :)

    1. haha I know! I totally noticed that too ;).


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