Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ShAtTeReD Glass and Screaming

WARNING: This is a somewhat bloody post...

Poor Syd has been to the ER 2 times already this year- more than I've been in my life! 

I was in the bathroom straightening my hair Friday night...We were about 15 min. from leaving to meet Scott at our friends' house for dinner and I hear a shattering sound right around the corner and then a loud screaming cry.

The pictures below show the next sequence of events.

Creepy glass, eh?
And our handicapped-master-bath-shower seat finally came in handy for me.

She didn't have pants on (thanks to potty training) but she did have her brand new tennies on and a shirt. I wonder if she'd had pants on if the glass wouldn't have gone in as deep...

You can't tell in the picture, but there was a big bulge
where the cut was where the under layers were
coming up. I knew immediately she'd need stitches.

3 stitches
So happy it's over! And to have a Popsicle, of course. 
What I think happened- She was reaching for one of three things on Scott's bedside table: his cool scriptures/case from Argentina with sweet etchings of Christ in the leather (most likely, she loves to unzip and take the scriptures out and in), the glass with water in it (maybe she was thirsty?!), or the lamp. All three were on the ground (four, including the water from the cup.. :)) I'm assuming the lamp must have crashed down on top of the glass and shattered it on her knee, otherwise, I doubt the glass would have broken on her or the carpet alone. 

She was very tough. I taught her the word blood and distracted her by making her think blood was kinda cool, while we waited for daddy to come home. The worst of it was when she had to be tied down and given the shots to numb her for the stitches. She screamed during 99% of the procedure. All I could do was blow on her face to keep her from sweating to death and try to comfort her by being close. I don't think she could hear my words of comfort though above her pained screaming. :(

WE STILL went to our friends after the hospital (only 2 hours late :)) and Syd had a good time running around with her friend, though she didn't do as much running around the next morning at Moody Gardens (click here) when the numbness had worn off. It seems to be healing up rather nicely, and she has an appointment to get them out this Friday :)


  1. ouch! brave little girl. brave mama too. I dread the day I find out my reaction to something like this with my boys.

    1. I think the possibility of injuries goes up by 90% with boys :) At least it did with Scott! And still does...Good luck! You have two of them, too!! ahhhh.. :)

  2. oh my word!! Poor girl! she's so brave (well, maybe not, if she was screaming the whole time, but still!) how scary! I totally saw this from the ER perspective when I read it :)
    ps, I can't read the pink font against your pink background. I had to highlight it all as I read


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