Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Romantic Toilet

This might be disquieting to you, but hear me out- it's actually really,...romantic...(?!). 
Admit it, you've been a little past due on cleaning your toilets before, too. 

I am one that tries to keep a clean house daily, but it typically doesn't get cleaned until right before Scott gets home in the evenings. Our bed is usually the last thing I throw back together, minutes before he walks in the door, only to have it all messed up again a few short hours later (And I'm big on making my bed look like an Eddie Bauer display bed (from the days of Eddie Bauer Home). It seems pointless, but I know other women who are right there with me on this. I know he enjoys coming home to a clean house.

Dirty toilets are one thing I can't stand, and I get SUCH a satisfying feeling after cleaning one (keyword: 'after'), but ONLY if there's something to visibly scrub off with the toilet brush- it's typically a ring around the waterline (and to be honest, that's typically the only time I clean a toilet, when something visibly appears on the bowl). 

A couple weeks ago was one of those times where I was a little past due on cleaning that 'ring around the water line' in our bathroom toilet.
Scott knew the bathroom was on my agenda to clean that day, and when I first saw it, I thought it was some weird affect of letting the 'ring' sit for too long without cleaning it (the camera flash gives it MUCH better lighting than I had when I noticed something weird).

(Scroll down..)

Almost there...

I've never smiled so big or felt more in love while cleaning a toilet.
...And I've never been more proud to show a picture of my nasty, dirty toilet bowl 
(not that I show it to people often). Don't you feel so lucky?!?!

Haha :)



  1. hahahahaaha!!! That is 1- so sick 2- so cute! I don't want to know how he wrote that in there. but thats so funny he thought to do it. I'm glad you wrote about it

  2. That is awesome. Way to make the dirt worthwhile!

  3. Haha thanks guys! I know it's hard to describe it bc it is both gross and sweet/cute at the same time! so funny haha


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