Thursday, November 1, 2012

In The Spirit of Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween,
which is gone for another year,
I post all the pictures from October that I meant to post before 
the month ended, yesterday.

On a positive note, however,
this post will now include pictures from last night--
Halloween itself!!!

Some Halloween start off with...
Made these blocks last year, but didn't have a blog yet ;)
They are so fun :)
yarn dipped in a bowl of watered-down glue
and positioned like a spider web

To make it more permanent I tied each intersection with some thread
and left the threads dangling-it added to the spider webby look!
Adding the lights made things look a bit messy

Step 1 of making a Halloween tree...spraying a branch black

Sydney was a good helper

I love Halloween trees! And it was so fun to make

Zoo Boo at the Houston Zoo...
You like our Mommy-Stroller brigade?
You can't even see all the mommies and strollers
in this pic, though I tried to get us all...
even Syd barely made the shot ;)

She called it "BABY pumpkin,"
and held it like one, too. :)

Ha, I love random animals standing in random places. 

Our carpool buddies and good friends Liza and Ashlee!
Who also hosted the Halloween party you are about to see pictures of...
Pumpkin Carving...
The boys.
I didn't get a picture, but they even whipped out a small power drill
to assist them in their carving. 

Shannon, the lovely host
and all-time group-get-together-er

Syd's pumpkin. She supervised as I carved.
Good job, Syd :)

These definitely rotted about a week before Halloween
Note to self: Carve your pumpkins the day of or day before Halloween, not 2 1/2 weeks prior
so the humidity can leave rotting pumpkin stains on your front porch.
Oh well, we don't get trick-or-treaters at an apartment complex anyway. Dallas (in case you missed last post)

Baking Halloween Cookies!
Syd's first cookie cutting/decorating experience
though, she was in bed for the decorating part.
We started them late, the night before Halloween, and sent them to school
with Scott on Halloween for his groups and friends. 

Cute group of kiddos,
I mean monsters and princesses, eh?

Sydney did a really good job, she knew
just how high to hold her bag up and we've been practicing
the phrase "trick-or-treat" all month long.
She thought it was so fun that mommy had a kitten face and ears. 

Family :)
That's it! Until next year, 

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  1. I don't know if I got a chance to tell you, but I really liked your costume yesterday; you make a cute kitty! Could I have a copy of your mommy brigade at the zoo? And your Halloween decor and pumpkins are super cool!


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