Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rainforest Pyramid

My friend said that the first time she came, 2 monkeys were wrestling each other on the pathway- that's when I realized there were no nets in between me and all the trees and plants in this crazy-jungle-glass-house-pyramid structure we were in...

I've never been to a zoo or farm or animal place where you are in the cage with the animals. Well,  I have with butterflies and birds...and goats... but never monkeys!!

Photo courtesy of Google images ;)
We finally got year-long passes to Moody Gardens, one of the main hot spots on the island, and went for the first time on Saturday (the morning after Syd got stitches-click here) with a few friends. We could only go for a couple hours (great thing about a pass- you can always go back!). It was enough time to see just one of the attractions there..the rainforest pyramid.

It was super rainy outside. I loved it!

Syd, Berlin, and Lawson

See what I'm saying?
Monkeys on the loose!


Me, Katelyn, Teri

It was a really neat place! We can't wait to go back and do all the other attractions, all year long!
The Aquarium Pyramid is next on our list:


  1. whatever!! that place is awesome!! I wanna go! I went to a place in China called monkey island, which is covered in wild...you guessed it....monkeys. Not so wild I guess, cause they're totally used to tourists feeding them. I don't like monkeys actually.......anyway back to your blog post. very fun. cute butterfly picture.

    1. I remember you telling me about monkey island!! Bc I remember telling u about my make believe monkey island frm my childhood...in thee creek in my backyard...awww....monkey island..


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