Monday, October 29, 2012

Sleep Happy

The final declaration of our FHE (Family Home Evening) lesson with Sydney tonight: (a somewhat recent struggle in our home...)

(She's still trying to establish a good signature for herself). 

Oh, and just for the record, she didn't cry at all at bedtime tonight. She didn't even whine when I told her I was going to close the door. She's still falling asleep on the floor by her door, but she didn't cry!
Whatever suits long as we are she is happy! ;)


  1. Best post by far! They all are very fun to read but this one was inspiring. And very cute. U and Scotty are great parents and its true that a little more invested time can make the biggest difference. I joined a fhe group where 10 of us make 10 lessons and swamp them with the other 10 people. So when it's all said and done i will have made 5 lessons that I came up with but end up with 55 lessons all together. They are awesome the way we have them set up. We all follow the same guidelines so all the lessons are set up the same way but just different topics and they are geared for kids under 10. We have had some great learning experiences as well.
    Glad The Lord answered

    1. Thanks Mel that's really nice of you! That sounds like a cool thing! I've never heard of that- but I bet it will really help you be more consistent with a weekly FHE night! You'll have to let me know how it goes

  2. This is definitely a picture for your family history. I love it.


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