Thursday, October 11, 2012

Syd's 2nd Birthday


On Monday, October 8, 2012, our little baby girl turned 2 years old. She's such a big girl these days- it's crazy how they transform from babies to little girls in the blink of an eye. I'll tell you about her actual birthday, but first, a short bio update on her current life:

"Sisser", (as she calls herself) is exploding with curiosity and desire to learn. She insists on being the one to open and close the door when we leave home, and when we come back, she MUST be the one to stick the key in the lock and turn it. She will not step down either, no matter how many mosquitos are buzzing around us and how impatient mommy is getting. She can actually get it in and push it open!!
When I help her say sentences, phrases, count or do the alphabet, she always says "MORE!" with a big smile on her  face. My favorite is practicing the phrase- I love you. "I....Yuh....YU! We catch her talking to her baby in her bedroom at night. She can be found practicing "I...Yuh...YU" over and over again to her baby. 

Her longer sentences are an accumulation of some of the different words she uses a lot:

"I Yuh (love) Yu (you) Dadda skoo (school) more stinky one two, (she doesn't like to say 3) four five mamma yaaaaay!! Pool nigh night?!"

But most of the time, she can communicate pretty well with about 3-4 words at a time. "I wan mo cheee" (I want more cheese, just in case you didn't figure that out) is number one on the list of most repeated phrase right now I think. 

And this is way old news by now but within the first two weeks that we'd moved here to Galveston, we were riding the fairy boat and when Scott turned around suddenly, Sydney's passy flew right out of her hand and into the ocean. Sydney saw it, didn't know what to say at first, then said "Bye, bye, Passy" and that was the end of it.

Moments before the passy went bye bye forever.....and moments after. (2 months ago...)
I think she parted with it so well because she understood what happened to it. 

I would consider her well potty trained now. If we are at the park with no potty around, she knows how to pull down her pants and squat in the grass ;). Boys aren't the only ones who can pee so conveniently :). For the most part, 99% at least, she's accident free and she does very well "staying dry" during naps and night time. She uses both her little potty and the real potty- depending on which one's closer. 

She loves to push her baby doll in the stroller, play with play doh, talking and reading books!!! 

Scott and I decorated the hallway outside of her room after she went to bed the night before so that she could wake up and feel special right away...

We let her open a present before daddy left for school in the morning...I rigged which one she picked so we could use it before her friends came over that night :)

Sydney's friend Lawson got to come over all day on her birthday and play.
They had lots of fun together. 
(His baby sister was sick in the hospital). 

Daddy let her open another present when he got home from school :)

Her favorite accessory!!!

 We made use of her new mini curling iron, as planned,

All ready for the guests!
Lets see how many people we can squeeze in this tiny space :)

Husband and wife? I think soooo!!! 
They probably got married because of their resemblance in picture-taking-head-cocking. 

Sydney had a hard time concentrating on anything else once she opened her "NEW BABY!!!". She didn't even take a bite of her cake..she just wanted to get down and mother her new baby.
This was our "big" ($7) present to her :). 
We knew she'd LOVE it! 

Stitches update: Syd got her stitches removed from her knee last Friday. Everything looks pretty good! She'll have a nice scar to remember Galveston by.
Grammy sent her some band aids in the mail and Sydney put them on her baby's knees, as if she was recovering from stitches too. Cute :)

Testing out her birthday loot!
Thanks to all who helped make Sydney feel special for her birthday!


  1. bahaha those are probably the most unflattering pictures of both Jesse and me (especially Jesse though). But that was a fun night :) Thanks for inviting us :)

    1. Whatever you look beautiful and you know it. I'm glad you were there!

  2. I just got Liza those same shoes..but a smaller size. Super cute! It was fun to party with you!

    1. Oh that's so cute and awesome! They can be twins now wearing those shoes and their "puddle jumpers" ;). That would be quite the fashion statement! It was fun to have you guys there!!


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