Thursday, November 29, 2012


Question of the day:
How do you keep a 2-year old from walking/running around for around for 3 whole weeks straight?!

There were a few surprises in the last couple days. 
Blogger issues: Out of free photo storage space.
To start out with, I found out that I do NOT have to stop my blog due to storage space restraints, thanks to some helpful friends and their advice. :) This post is proof that I got around that issue. Yay! That was a little depressing at first, and definitely surprising. 

If you don't care about how I got around the issue, skip down to "2nd, Syd's "BIG band aid."
For any other bloggers who've run into the same issue, here is the advice (from my post on FB) I found very useful to solve this issue without paying a monthly fee to post more pictures:  
*From my friend Kristin: "you can create a new gmail account and then add yourself as an author to your blog. You'll get a fresh amount of free storage space :). 

*From my friend Ashlee: "I ran into this same problem and in reading up on it, found that if you resize your pictures to 800 pixels or less, befor uploading them, they don't count towards your space. I did this and have had no problems since...and I upload a ton of stuff. Also, video doesn't count towards your space either. I think this is the easiest way to go...because you should never run into the problem again. Let me know if you need help doing this. I just helped someone else fix the same problem 2 days ago...guess we are all reaching our space limit!" :) 

2nd, Syd's "BIG band aid"
We weren't expecting this when we went to the doctor, 5 days after the fact;
especially 5 days including many walks and trips to the park to run around and climb on things.

Yes, she had a limp, but it seemed to be much less, if not undetectable by the 5th day.
Who woulda thought that she had a fracture and needed a full leg cast?! 
Good thing we kept the appointment!
 I was sure it wasn't going to be worth the 40 min. drive to see the specialist.

Sydney seriously enjoys going to the Dr..
She asked if she could "Go see doctor" after she got hurt.
She's had enough experiences (febrile seizure and stitches)
(this year alone!), to know- doctors help make you feel better.

She seemed very excited about her "BIG, pink baindaid" at first,

but after 3 weeks I'm sure she'll feel more like this:
maybe she already does.. :(
(day 2)

*Her leg got hurt the day after Thanksgiving. She was jumping on the big trampoline and a couple of bigger kids got on and double bounced her or something and she did a little flip and landed weird I guess. I didn't see it happen, but that's what her little cousins said. 

It gave her a "minimal buckle fracture" of her Tibia---just below her knee cap.
She should be as good as new in a bout 3 week's time :)

Until then, I'm looking forward to getting really, really strong carrying here literally everywhere! She's no baby anymore, and I swear that cast weighs at least half of what she does.

And 3rd, a surprise birthday dinner for my friend Teri who turned a year older yesterday--pretty much as soon as we got home from getting Syd's unexpected cast put on. :) 
She dropped Berlin off at our house (see 2 pics above) thinking she was going to on a date with her husband, but by the time they arrived to the restaurant, we were all there to surprise her :). 
  we switched kids for half the night ;) 
As far as those pictures I promised last post but couldn't b/c blogger made me think my blogging days were over- I will still post them! Maybe today even if Sydney doesn't wake up from her nap too soon!


  1. Oh my gosh, poor Sydney! I can't believe that she has a full leg cast! I can't imagine having to put a two year old in one of those...I hope it gets better soon and you survive the next three weeks!

    1. ha I know! All they wanna do is run around! Too bad it's such a busy month and it's like I have a newborn again ;). At least it's not the middle of summer for her- that would be so hot!

  2. i'm glad you had the same storage problem as me so I can fix mine too before I deleted all my old posts! (I did delete like 20. dang it. at least they're saved.
    Wow I'm a bit upset about how old syndey looks...she's gonna be a teenager any day now. I can't believe she got a big fat full on cast for that fracture!!! wow!! exciting haha

    1. I know, apparently it's been happening to a lot of people lately- Blogger's trying to sabotage us aaaaall!! and lol...a teenager any day now- probably true! ha

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about her leg! That is crazy! SO glad it will be off before Christmas. Let me know if you want to come up and hang out or I can watch Syd while you run errands or we can come down and hang out with you.

    1. It will be off before Christmas but not before we're supposed to go outta town! :/ We might have to cut a week off of our trip to KS for christmas. That sounds fun! I'll let you know. Thanks Ash!


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