Thursday, November 29, 2012

Around Town AGAIN ;)

I'll just quote myself from the original post these pictures were supposed to be in. Hence, the title, "Around Town, AGAIN ;)."

"I can't write about anything else until I catch up on what's been goin' down with us here in G-town the last month or so- There's so much going on! And I want to remember it all...

It's been fun/hectic, with s'more roasting parties, caramel apple parties (there were some SERIOUS apples), surprise birthday parties with super fun themes (no pics of the former 3, sorry [just got s'more pics!]), sailboat races overtaking the ocean where we swim, motorcycle's rallies overtaking the streets where we drive, free concerts, light festivals, out door movie nights here and BINGO nights there- there's so much fun to be had this time of year and it's only getting started!!

I'm just gonna throw some lots of pictures out there and be done with it, so next post I can focus on one thing again! ENJOY! :)"

Events during 
mid. September - end November

Bonfire at the beach
..Mid September

 Harvest Moon Regatta Sailboat Race
Hundreds of sailboats!

Free Concert the night of
the Tanger Outlets grand opening. 
I think it was Chris Allen- Am. Idol winner

Military medical dinner party at a UTMB 
doctors to go kayaking. :)

Outdoor movie night at UTMB -

2012 Lonestar (Bike) Rally
in yours truly, Galveston, TX
-There were motorcycles and other cool bikes EVERYWHERE!!! 
The city is literally overtaken with them for about 4 days, every year.   

 Here were some of our favorites...
that were still enough to take pictures of!!

A motorcycle hearse! Awesome!

 2012 lighting at the 
Moody Gardens Festival of Lights!

 I couldn't look any more like a mom in this picture.
I think it's time for some new pants.

Instead of walking the path of the light festival, we decided on a
 4-D movie- The Polar Express!
It was much less crowded inside.

Marshmallow roasting party at our good friend Ashlee's house :)
It was actually cold enough to have a fire, too!
Must have been a cold front. 
It's almost December first and today is almost 70 degrees!

 BINGO night at UTMB!
I won a round and got a $25 Visa gift card!!!

They had this fun photo booth and dress up stuff 
out in the hall by all the loads of catered Chic-fil-a. Mmmm :P

Welp, now that my photo storage space is probably out again ;). jk... kinda.

Thanksgiving was great this year. We decided kind of last minute to do the Dallas drive and be with Scott's family again so we could meet Scott's little brother's new fiance'. We're super excited to have her in the fam in a few weeks :). 

The only souvenir picture I got from the quick trip was Sydney's fractured leg.
Other than that I'll do my best to describe the trip in words- we ate lots of food, and played lots of games. :) 
I bet we're not the only ones who do that on Thanksgiving so I'll spare you the details. 

We did take Scott's friend, Shawn along with us for the ride bc he wasn't going home for the holiday--  The first day in town Scott double bounced him on the trampoline and put him in crutches the whole break. His ankle was swollen like a golf ball! Ouch! Then, of course, Syd got hurt on the trampoline at her cousins house the day after Thanksgiving, which put her in a cast (a few days later). Half of our road-trip crew were gimps by the end of the trip! Nonetheless, it was a fun 2-day Thanksgiving break in Dallas with the awesome Walton family and cousins. :)

PS: I added a page to my blog called "My PROJECTS" that just shows some of the....projects I've been up to. For my family/friends who this gets emailed to, you have to actually go to my blog itself to view it, but I'll make it easy for you. Just click here.  It's mostly crafty/home improvement type stuff. I have like a million projects going on right now, (well, maybe 6 or 7...) which only means be prepared for some cool projects- whenever I finish them upload pictures and post them. 

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