Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Around Town

I can't write about anything else until I catch up on what's been goin' down with us here in G-town the last month or so- There's so much going on! And I want to remember it all...

It's been fun/hectic, with s'more roasting parties, caramel apple parties (there were some SERIOUS apples), surprise birthday parties with super fun themes (no pics of the former 3, sorry), sailboat races overtaking the ocean where we swim, motorcycle's rallies overtaking the streets where we drive, free concerts, light festivals, out door movie nights here and BINGO nights there- there's so much fun to be had this time of year and it's only getting started!!

I'm just gonna throw some lots of pictures out there and be done with it, so next post I can focus on one thing again! ENJOY! :)

WHAT?!?! Never mind, I guess..!?! blogger is saying I've used up all my photo storage space. I'm not about to pay a monthly fee to store more photos...soooo until I figure something else out...no more pictures! How depressing. Who knew you eventually had to pay for your blog? lame. Let me know if anyone knows any way around this- if there is no way, I'll have to journal another way and it may not be "shareable". :(


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  1. This JUST happened to me, I went through my picasa (through blogger) albums that actually store all your photos from your blog and deleted some pictures that I didn't want. It free'd up a little bit of space. Picasaweb.google.com
    I don't know what I'm gonna do when it runs out either, I don't want to pay!


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