Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You Are Cordially Invited...

...To the Rest Of Our Lives
Scott and I aren't perfect. If you want to think that we are perfect, then jump down to where the pictures in this post start, or click here or here for something similar. If you wanna know the truth, keep reading.

Let's think of the most recent imperfection in our relationship... Hmm..Oh, yes. It was yesterday (Memorial Day), at the pool. We took Syd swimming for the first time since it's been open. Most of my side of the family was there, and for some reason, when we first arrived I kept getting snippy at Scott. I think I even hit him (hardly..) with the pink pool noodle I begged him for from Walmart earlier that day. I honestly don't remember what the little trivial matters were that made me be a brat. I usually don't remember them, but they do happen (naturally), more often than I will remember. 
That being said, and having only been married a short 3.5 years, we have many more years to experience several more trivial as well as more significant issues, problems and trials that will teach us how to truly become that "perfect" that we aren't right now. Hitting people with noodles and being a brat is not a way to get there. BUT, Scott's way is. That's why I look up to him so much and why I'm learning so much from him,   literally every day, from one trivial matter to the next.

Scott's Way
Even before we were married, he told me he had the goal to be the best husband. A perfect husband. That's a little extreme and seemingly impossible, and I'm sure there are a lot of guys who say that, but even a midst our very obvious weaknesses, we still view each other as "perfect" because we see each other for who we are and what our potential is. We strive to help each other increase our potential and become a better husband, wife, and person.

Scott doesn't let my sometimes bratty behavior be a barrier in our progression together as a couple. And I stand in awe at his humility, forgiveness and his own daily repentance...even with the smallest matters. And more than just getting past the problems and issues of life, he creates the good things that happen. They don't just happen, people. 

Whenever we hear a sad story about a friend or a loved one's marriage gone sour or broken, he has this one  thing he always says to me, as if it's advice for our own relationship:

"You gotta keep the love alive!"

And so he does....even when I'm a brat...

  Need I say more?!

Speaking of weddings, Sydney loves to go into our closet and pick out my red wedding shoes and wear them. She's actually way good at walking in them. 

 She got to this point on the stairs before one finally fell off :)

She also tries to put her own pants on nowadays. She can't get past putting both legs through one hole, though. After this picture she wanted to try on more, which Scott ended up taking off before we left the house. He said he removed 7 pairs of pants, shorts, skirts and leggings. :) 

I have a few pictures on my phone from this past, very eventful Memorial Day weekend, but the majority of them I'll have to get from my sisters after work today, WHICH I am about to leave for the last time at this particular location. Until next time, when I have more pictures and stories from the holiday weekend!

In the meantime, here's a sneak preview. And please don't be shy! Please leave a comment! I'd love to to hear from anyone and everyone! :)

Happy Memorial Day!


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