Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Before I post the pictures that I promised at the end of last post, I must comment on some funny things from the last couple days:

1. I came home from work on Tuesday and told Scott I posted on my blog and he should read it.
He asked me what it was about.
          "YOU!" I said to him. (Same answer I gave him the last time I posted and a few times before too).
          "Oh my gosh. You've gotta stop writing blog posts about me; It's so embarrassing! I'm going to stop doing  nice things for you so you can't blog about them."
I started laughing.
          "It's not funny, it's the truth! You can't reveal all my secrets!"

2. I learned a valuable life lesson while jogging yesterday morning. Never give your kid blueberries in the stroller...especially when they have white pants on.

3. After our run, Sydney decided she should wear my shoes and I should wear hers. It was cute to begin with; I even humored her and stuck what I could of my foot into one of her tiny silver sandals. She tried desperately to get the ankle straps to cross over my foot let alone strap them together and started freaking out when they wouldn't. I tried to explain to her in baby language the best I could that they won't fit but she just kept chasing me around the kitchen in my big floppy tennis shoes, holding her sandals at me and screaming so loud so that I would somehow make her tiny sandals fit my big, adult-sized, Cinderella's step sister foot for like 10 minutes straight! Funny baby. I love her. :)

Here are pictures from the BBQ-filled weekend. Not shown is the family BBQ at Mel's house and the pool party BBQ. These below are mostly from the block party BBQ.

He fits the part well, doesn't he?!

Time to crash this party!!

"Oh my goodness; Can you believe this?!"

"Time to take matters into my own hands. Outta the way, fake cop car!"

"Um...daddy!!! DADDY!!!!

The firemen let Mel climb to the top of their ladder and get some sweet shots.

There she is! Don't worry, she's only 8 months pregnant and super uncoordinated and unbalanced. 

Aunt Shell
Fully clothed...

Might as well not be clothed...

aaaaaand NAKED BABY!!!! with a diaper

Sooo much fattness aaalll weekend loooong

Remembering Aunt Jennifer and G-ma Welling on Memorial Day

Pre Ring-Around-The-Rosie warm-ups

I've never seen so many American flags in one place. This was very cool to see! It was right off the highway.
Flag pictures courtesy of Melissa

Grandpa tellin' a lil' bit about the past

Cute cousins! They are friends :)

Later in the evening when it was absolutely PERFECT outside we all went blueberry picking in a friends blueberry field...It was so fun!!
Reminded me of when we were kids ourselves...


  1. That was a fun fat weekend . And more fatness tomorrow


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