Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kansas City, Missouri LDS Temple Opening!!

I'm so excited to have a new temple near my hometown! It's been very neat to be a part of all the opening events of the Kansas City, Missouri LDS Temple, and share it with many others. It made me so happy that my 2 best friends from high school/growing up came with me to the open house tour and got to see/experience one of my favorite places on earth! Thanks for coming Heather and Mel!

I went up to Liberty, Mo to help volunteer as an usher for the public open house for the temple and also got to help serve 3000 youth snacks/lunch that performed at the cultural celebration the night before the dedication of the temple. It was fun! They let us take some of the snack surplus home with us, too. I wish I had taken more than just 6 of those jumbo cookies!

At our stations...It only took 5 hours to hand this and more out
There were over 3000 of these staring back at me for hours

Pro cookie hander-outer. Michelle did Slim Jims and Mel did granola bars. 

Part of the youth in the background, practicing for that night's "Cultural Celebration."
We were proud to be on the "Food Crew."

Excerpt from my personal journal--
"The Kansas City, Missiouri temple cultural celebration and dedication was this weekend. We volunteered Saturday Morning to serve food/snacks to the 3000 youth and got tickets to see the performance Saturday night. It was a great experience! So fun to be a part of. President Monson was there and we Sat 6 rows in front of him! He was so cute and funny. 

Scott changed Sydney’s diaper in the car after the celebration and shut the trunk with the keys in it so we all jammed into Melissa and Mike’s van on the way home. There were 11 of us in a 7 passenger van. It was pretty funny. Scott and I went back to downtown KC (my 3rd time in one day) to pick up the car once we got home and got another key and made a date out of it, just walking the streets and seeing which skyscraper hotel was the nicest and had the best view from it’s top floor. It’s a tradition we started on one of our first dates while exploring downtown Dallas."

A few of us at the Cultural Celebration.
Good 'ol President Monson. Funny, funny!

At the Municipal Auditorium, Downtown KC

Great job guys! They worked for months and came from all over to do this!
Jamming in on the ride home
What is UP with us jamming too many people in the car lately??? 

(Is it legal to buddy buckle
 with a baby? ;))
(Jamming in from the recent
sister trip, trees and all)

We all stopped for some ice cream and a burger or two on our way home. Then Scott and I headed right back downtown for our unplanned date to get our other car. :) 
I took Syd's idea and sat while we waited for our ice cream
Great timing for Scott and I to move here! It's been awesome to be a part of all of it. Before we move away again in 2 months we are making it our goal to go the 40 min. to Liberty once every week or two to attend the temple. It's so beautiful there. We are excited to go again and again!

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