Thursday, May 17, 2012


Here are the 2 clips-

1st one (before lunch with KCTV 5-aired at 5pm on Tuesday):

Wanna know what I was "busy" typing in that footage of me at my computer? I was in a Google document so what I was typing randomly in the middle of my scripture study got saved. Here it is haha. Please ignore all the errors- I was trying to appear professional ;).

"Right now there is a news footage guy filmine me about the breakin that happened last night and it is very intersting because usually I am the one that is doing the interviewing. When the lady bput the nmicrophone in my face I wanted to grab it from her because I am used to hoding the microp

  • There is another guy filming me this time---this time it’s channel 9. I just got lunch at chick fil a and when I came back channel 9 wanted to interview me ha! funny funny"

2nd one (after lunch with KMBC 9 News-aired at 6pm on Tuesday):
Band Of Thieves Hits OP Office Park - Kansas City News Story - KMBC Kansas City

Oh, and a friend asked me who made me smile at the end of the ch. 9 interview (if you noticed the random cheesy smile..)
It was the short, cute old lawyer who I work with that wouldn't interview with the news but wanted in on all the action so he was thoroughly enjoying himself watching in the background and when I caught a glimpse of him behind the reporter he had the funniest smile of enjoyment on his face and it made me smile. hah :)


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