Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I woke up to a phone call from the office manager where Scott and I work at 7am before my alarm even went off telling me what to expect when I got to work this morning. Scott and I were like- "It's probably not even that  bad...psh." But I got to work and it was as bad as she described it. 

This is my desk at this work location
I work in a 4-story building and every floor and office was broken into and ransacked for all electronics. Each office door was pried open with a double crowbar or something and they rummaged through every drawer and took every laptop, flat screen TV and valuable electronic (mostly apple) devices. There must have been quite the crew here because just on our floor there are about 20 locked offices. They hit every floor as well as the office building across the parking lot.

I made a comment to Scott last night when he told me he left our precious crumbled up, paper lunch bag of $100 worth of Chick-Fil A calendar coupons on the desk at work. I said: "What if someone steals them?!!!!" He just laughed at my sincere worry.
Besides feeling bad for everyone at work's loss and feeling bad for my boss, my only personal belongings left at work were those coupons- but never fear! I found them when I got out of bed and checked Scott's work bag. He had brought them home after all. :) Whew! That would have been quite the loss. Just kidding.
one of the offices-ransacked
A couple police cars in view from the 2nd floor
TV in the Conference Room

I was about to go use some of those coupons for lunch when the KCTV 5 news reporter lady came back up front telling me that the tenants told her to go interview me instead. Thanks guys. After graduating from one of the top programs in the country with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, I finally got to experience what it's like to be the one interviewed instead of being the interviewer. It's much more fun to be the interviewer. I even gave them advice on some B-Roll (background footage) they should get and they were impressed with my broadcast knowledge. I left for lunch and got a pic of their van parked right infront of my car. 
When I got back from lunch, the KCTV 5 van was gone and this one replaced it a few spots over. I just KNEW what was coming for me, again. 

I was a lot more natural for the 2nd interview, with KMBC 9 News- so if you are going to watch in 20 minutes at 5 and/or 6pm (Kansas City time), then watch channel 9. I'll be leaving work around then so I won't get to make fun of myself on TV. Dang it!! 

I'll try and find the footage on the news websites later and post it in my next blog. haha so funny that I'm on the news tonight. It just cracks me up for some reason. Pretty much everyone is upset that it happened but have good attitudes about the whole situation. So unfortunate! Anyways, I'm about to leave work. Later!!

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