Thursday, May 17, 2012


On Monday, Scott sent me a short email that was very simple but almost made me cry because it reminded me of his constant goal to be a better husband, father and person and how he's always willing to do the work it takes to become better. In that moment, I felt extremely grateful and blessed to have such a great person as my lifelong and eternal companion.

He sent me two links. A link to this short video clip:

 ...and a link to this talk, which is what the video is based on.

Then he wrote:
"I want to listen to the talk for FHE and then do something to love Sydney's mother like go somewhere or do something. Think of something you want me to do to show my love for you that would be fun for our family!"
(FHE = Family Home Evening - designated time we spend together as a family each week)

My response:
"That made me tear up. That is why I love you! You are always trying to be the best husband, father and person you can be and willing to do the actions that get you there. Thank you for doing this tonight I'm excited! Let's go to Shawnee mission park and have a picnic!!"

It was absolutely PERFECT outside and the wise counsel given in that talk and video seemed to prove worthwhile as Sydney, who is very independent and not the most cuddly baby ever, could clearly feel the love and kept coming up to us, one and then the other, to give daddy a kiss, then mommy a kiss; Daddy a hug, then mommy a hug. She did this several times at random throughout the evening. She's a happy girl because she has a daddy who knows how to love her mother. :)

Scott, who is training for a 100-mile bike ride with my dad in a week, brought his bike in the car and rode home from the park so he could get in some miles before the sun set. It was a beautiful evening.  


  1. this is wonderful. I love everything about it. looks like you found a keeper. :) You know, sometimes people ask me if my life is "really like that" like it's too good to be true, but honestly when you have a man and a woman completely committed to each other with the same goal of raising a strong family, beautiful things happen. Thanks for the reminder to be more diligent about FHE!

    1. Thanks for your comment! As good as it looks, we aren't a perfect couple with a perfect life but the important thing is that (most of the time) we try our best to WORK (and the work does take EFFORT!!)at first our relationship and then our relationship with others. It takes effort to do things for others when our natural instinct is to serve ourselves (aka, be selfish). That's why I married Scott! The first thing I realized about him was how self-less (v. selfish) he was! I'm trying to be more like him, too! Not just in return to him, but towards others too!

  2. My goodness, that Scott is indeed a good man! You guys are great! I'm so happy to be related to such wonderful people:)

    1. You are sweet Mary! He does come from a good family ;). We are happy you are related to us too!!! I wish we were closer!


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