Thursday, August 9, 2012


I'll let the pictures do most of the explaining, but in our last week in KC, we had a lot of projects we had to get done before the big move, and there were lots of goodbyes to be had, and on top of that Melissa had her baby just a couple days before we left. :)

      Short story real quick- My sweet sister Michelle had Scott, Syd and I over for dinner the week before we left; Nothing out of the ordinary. I was already emotional because of a $500 Sprint Bill that was only supposed to be $100, and this would be my last meal at Michelle's before we moved so of course when I walked in the door to see some of the faces I care most about and Michelle holding this sign, I started to cry. It officially marked the beginning of saying "Goodbye."

Scott and I sanded and restained some furniture we were bringing with us- update it a little! This bedroom set was my Grandma Welling's set. My mom remembers it in her house all growing up. Now it's Sydney girl's!

grayish/brown BEFORE
Copper/Gold AFTER



We got to spend some time with one of my best friends from home, Melissa during our last couple weeks in KS. Here we are at Lake Quivira Golf and Country Club, a place I used to be a banquet server at in high school and wanted to show Scott. 

I always thought it would be fun to live at Lake Quivira. Now I live at the beach ;). 

For one of our last family dinners, Scott and I made one of our specialty dinners- Sweet 'n Sour chicken with chow mein, crab rangoons (minus the crab..ha) and rice, and had everyone over. We're lucky Mel didn't go into labor until the next day. :)  

I probably should have gotten a picture of the people too...

Two days before we moved, Jeff had to leave for a business trip.
It was sad to say goodbye to him. I didn't expect to cry and neither did he!
This started a chain reaction as you can see (if you zoom in ;)).

We needed to update our barstools to match our new furniture we ordered for our living room/kitchen area. This light brown color wasn't doing it for us anymore. 

Voila! Much better.

Lacy Jayne Morris
Born Fri. 7/27
We got to be there for the birth!

Our new lil' niece, Lacy :)

Uncle Jeff, Syd and baby Lacy

Sydney was and still is OBSESSED-
with ALL babies, all the time.

This called for finishing another project. 
I did the final touches the day before our move. 
I had no other choice! They couldn't decide on a dang name!!! ;)

There's mommy, enjoying her new baby out on her new covered patio.

Packing the truck.
Thanks to all who helped!

Michelle is pouting. 
She was sad to see our car all hooked up.

One last bath in Grammy's tub for the best friend cousins Sydney and Madie

The drive to TX/Galveston

It was weird to leave knowing we wouldn't be living here for at least 8-12 years if ever again.

This is the last I saw of my family in KS. I took this picture from the truck window as we were just about to drive away. Sad day. But exciting adventures ahead!

She looked so funny sitting shot gun in that big truck!

This was from the trucker before us. Can you believe it?!!?!
$620 for one fill-up! 
We were glad ours didn't hold that many gallons, but we did feel very much
a part of the trucking community the whole road trip down, stopping at all the trucker
stops and eating at all the trucker places. There are only so many options when
you are driving a big diesel truck with a tow dolly behind a trailer. Truckers are so nice. 


Doing a little stocking up on food so we could survive
during the long grueling unpacking ahead.
I took this pic two nights ago- 
This is her new best friend here in Galveston.
She totally deserved it. :)

See what I mean? Grueling (I'm not even sure if that's the 
correct word, but it sounds intense, right?) See where that huge
box is to the left? That's our walk way. Wish us luck.


Unpacking has been one big game of Tetris,
which you can only expect when you downsize :)

My new friend, Stormie, invited Scott and I to a "play group" at a pool where another girl from church lives. It was the morning after we moved in and we decided it would be a good way to meet people and other medical students from school and church. 

This pool, which looks out over the ocean was at the two mysterious towers that I can see across the field from my computer room window where I am now typing. They are no longer a mystery to me :).

We've met lots of really nice people. Some guys from church and a random neighbor walking by helped us move in. Someone brought us dinner our first night in town and our next door neighbor Maggie made us a pie. I think we're going to fit right in here in Galveston for these next four years. :)


  1. This post made me tear up a bit! i just can't imagine one of my sisters moving away from our family right now. It must have been so difficult to say goodbye, especially with a brand new member being born just days before. Sounds like you guys are already making good in Texas, though! Good luck on your new adventure!!

    1. Awe thanks Elena!! It was tough to leave but we are excited to be here. Thank heavens for things like texting, phone calls and SKYPE! So far so good here, just so much crazy unpacking. It takes for EVER! Thanks again!! Hope you and your little one and family are doing well! Good to hear from you!!!

  2. Wow! That sounds really yummy! Can I get your recipe (for the sweet and sour chicken and stuff)? Your apartment is looking good and I love the way your furniture turned out!

    1. Better yet, we'll have you over to eat it!! Once I can actually find all my cooking utensils ;). Hopefully it's less than a few weeks, but it seems like it will take that long! Thanks, Stormie!

  3. super cute. I remember the overwhelming amount of boxes we had when we moved. took about 3 months to get settled. Glad people are taking care of you guys down there. we sure miss you guys. But are glad things are going well. syds room looks good.

    1. Thanks Mel. It's coming along. I just wish all the stuff was out of boxes and the only thing left to do was decorate! YOU know that's the exciting part of moving. We miss you too!


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