Friday, August 17, 2012

Dolphins and Fireworks

The first Saturday we moved in, there was a long line of cars, bumper to bumper (in the left lane only) on the road we live on (Ferry Road- an important clue....), and Scott and I figured it must just be because of some special event.

We became more curious the 2nd Saturday the cars were lined up again, barely moving and waiting hours in this line, and since we were close enough to walk, we decided to go check it out.

We had never been that direction on Ferry Road before in the 2 weeks that we've been here busy unpacking. We only knew that it dead ended...and we were pretty sure it was because of the water ;). There is water in a few different directions by us because we live at the far east part of the long, narrow island. 

Less than a quarter mile down that mysterious direction that we'd never been, just happens to be the Ferry Landing, which I'm sure subconsciously we'd picked up on, but DIDN'T KNOW WAS FREE! and runs just about 24 hours a day. Every 20 min or so a new Ferry is here to pick up any walk on passengers or vehicles, and take them 20 min. over to Port Bolivar, the next long narrow island just NE of Galveston.

We thought it was hilarious that because the lines get so long, there are 
"Pot O Golds" (Port a Potties)
on the medians all the way down the street to the Landing. 

And here's our very favorite part: the dolphins!!
These little cameras...psh. Taking a picture of the dolphins jumping was like taking a picture of the moon. The moon always looks SO SMALL in the picture. 
If you click on the pic. above and look real closely at the horizon, you can see this one in the air. 
The girl next to us is doing a good job of pointing right at it..

To be honest, we've been on the Ferry ride a few more times since our first time, and I must say, I don't know how we got so lucky that first time bc I swear those dolphins were putting on a full blown show.

We saw at least 5 jumping out of the water super high. This pic., above, is typically what we've seen since...just portions of their bodies at a time- mostly their top fin and then their tails as they go back in. But we still have high expectations every time because of our first experience.

So we have a ferry Landing (that is free) within walking distance from us where the dolphins live and we think that's pretty awesome. 

And about the Fireworks part of this blog title? Later that day (that we discovered the Ferry ride with dolphins, I did a late evening trip to Target for some last minute organizing bins so we could finish unpacking and on the 10 min. drive there I got to see a firework show, which I've gotten to see every weekend we've been out and about.
This is the description I found on the Moody Garden's website (the tourist attraction we knew they were coming from): 

Summer concert series featuring local and regional bands ranging from R&B, rock, country and blues at Palm Beach. Each show concludes with a fireworks display over Offats Bayou overlooking the Moody Gardens pyramids.

Seeing Dolphins as well as fireworks have always been special occasions for me, that's why I had to dedicate a whole post to it because I think it's pretty awesome that now, both basically live in my backyard. :)

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