Friday, August 31, 2012

A Crappy Day ;)

Disclaimer: The post below may be a bit graphic. It originally started out as an email to Scott, complaining to informing him of our day. I even took pictures and texted them to Scott but I will spare you those graphics- that would be unnecessary. (Sorry Scott, it IS necessary that YOU see the graphic pictures while you are away working hard, preparing for our family's future). Mostly, this is for Sydney to look back on some day and laugh.

Seriously, what a crappy day. I've been cleaning up pee and poo all day long. We went to the outdoor running track pretty early, maybe around 9, so Syd could walk around a bit. She peed on the track and then on the bleachers we were sitting on while I made my phone calls to Nebraska Furn. Mart and the bumper painter people; (Good thing she was wearing a skirt...?). We got home and I was heating up lunch...I finished off the green onions from last night by making fresh crab rangoons. the Oil was hott and ready and Sydney comes running from down the hall, crying and pointing to her she'd been injured or something. There was a mushy chunk of poo on the side bottom of it. Poo smears about the size of the chunk on her foot dotted the hall all the way back to her bedroom, getting thicker and more visible until you saw where she'd laid the mother terd, right in the center of the carpet. I started cleaning up the smear trail, near the kitchen where her potty training potty was nearby. She came over to watch me clean up her poo and as she stood there, she let out a waterfall of pee, got surprised and then ran to her potty a whole 12 inches away, but by then, not even a drop made it in. I stopped keeping tally yesterday of her "hits" and "misses" of making it to the potty- and I'm really thinking it helped me focus a little more on the positive side, because today all I can think about is how somewhere along the line, I'm actually training her TO pee ON the floor. 

To Sydney's credit, since Monday she's actually been improving with each passing day...(until today), and she's been really good about making it more difficult helping me clean up her messes. She followed me around with the carpet cleaner bottle, handing it to me every time I stood up to move to the next "missed" mark on the floor. She has said several times in her REALLY cute little girl vice: "SooOOOWyyy. Poo poo MiMi SooOWy." (Translation: "Sooooooorry. I pooed on the floor Mommy and I'm sorry." Usually it's worth ANYTHING to hear her say sorry because she says it so cute.

See this 15 second video of her saying it and you'll see what I mean... OR CLICK HERE. This was when my parents were in town (last post).

Sometimes I even like letting her get in trouble on purpose, just so she'll have to say it, but if this streak of bad luck continues for much longer, I think I'll trade the "SoOOWy"s in for a dry carpet.

The worst things she's peed/pooed on-
(in the 4.5 days since we started potty training)
#1 being the absolute worst:

#6. At The Home Depot, on some weird piece of machinery or rack with wheels thingamabob. This was actually the easiest to clean up. I wish she'd pee on medal all the time! 

#5. On my ankle weight (I know, such a grandma thing to have) that we use (until we find something more normal) to keep our bedroom door from shutting all the time. It might as well be an awkward shaped bean back with Velcro on it. Good thing the rice, or whatever's inside it, didn't expand :). 

#4. On the ottoman, which wasn't a big deal bc it's leather, except that through the crack and under the lid there are tons of toys and stuffed animals. Her soft, furry puppy dog (the one that was Scott's when he was a little boy) got the worst of it. 

#3. Poo- at the swimming pool without a swim diaper. Luckily I caught her face getting red before she jumped back in to me from the side. But that's not even the worst part(----->). I took her in to shower her hiney and swimsuit off and the shower head was soo powerful, it litterally shot chunks of poo from her butt into the shower stall next to us. hahaha this makes me laugh reliving it in my mind...

#2. On top of our bed with our brand new WHITE comforter and new quilt at the foot (she equally made it on both), RIGHT AFTER I put a fresh load of white laundry on it. Who knew she could even climb up that high in 3 seconds while I turned by back to put the laundry basket back on top of the dryer?! 

#1. Sorry, I spoiled this one at the start of this post. Cleaning up poo in her room and all the way down the hall has by far been the worst of all. 

Disclaimer #2: I'm sure today has been a fluke- I'm just sure of it ;), but for any of you who are interested, I'm doing the Potty Training in Three Days Or Less method found HERE. (It obviously takes more than 3 days but THOSE ARE THE IMPORTANT ONES!! You'll see...)
If you ever show up at our place sometime between now and Thanksgiving, you will see a half-naked munchkin running around from the waist down. 
Be warned.

For my own record. Sydney's 3-day potty training "weekend" (Mon-Wed) :) 


  1. I will never forgive Maggie for peeing in the top of the McDonalds playplace leaving a puddle and sending all the other kids shrieking to their moms who were surprisingly un-understanding :(

    Syd will get it and it will all be worth it.

    1. hahaha that is hilarious (though for sure not at that moment...). Thanks for sharing. :) Going out is scary bc it's so new to her still so I can pretty much expect an accident everytime..and it's always infront of strangers!...I pack as much as I did with a new born from new clothes to rags and other things. bah... :)

  2. lol lol this was GREAT!!!! loved it and can only feel your pain. I cleaned up pee on my carpet today but thats not near as bad as you. I kinda want to see pics . lol you should put her in training underware. cuz they still feel the wet and poo but it just doesnt fall straigt to the floor and way less clean up. and we use special treats when she goes and she likes to go potty in the tolet so she can get a treat. Sadey is mostly trained but she still has a few accidents.
    .............Melissa Morris.................

  3. Oh, my! Those are some good potty stories:) Nobody ever tells you how much poop you will actually deal with being a mommy;) She is so big! Love the pic of her on the potty.

    1. haha thanks, Mary. :) I thought they were journal worthy to write down. Motherhood is a dirty job I tell ya!


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