Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Let Me Show You Galveston - (Scott's White Coat Ceremony PART I)

Yesterday was the first day of the next 4 years for us. Scott officially started medical school, and he took off to campus on his bike wearing scrubs and all (in prep. for his human dissection class). But that is a story for another blog post- I must first tell you about the events leading up to this momentous event: Vacationing away our last week of freedom, and then... THE WHITE COAT CEREMONY. :)

Tourists In Our New Hometown
Scott and I slaved away the first week and a half we moved here geting COMPLETELY unpacked for when both of our parents came in town for the big event. My parents came in town the whole week prior to Scott's White Coat Ceremony- so we vacationed it up- we saw Galveston like we'd never seen it before, and we truly hadn't seen it much at all (except for the beach once or twice, and the cruise ports almost 4 years ago where we boarded for our honeymoon). We've nearly hit the status of "locals" now, but we were most definitely tourists the week my parents were here discovering the island with us.

We had lots of fun and took lots of pictures.
What follows, ladies and gentlemen, is but a glimpse into Galveston-

The First night my parents were here, took them on the Ferry down the street from us. 

We decided to do the same thing the next day but bring our bikes and scout out a beach at the "secluded" island (Bolivar) the Ferry takes you to.

See how my dad refused to ride his precious 
Trek Madone 
into the sand?? Wait for it....

...This is why. :)))) hehehe

Another beach, one of our favs.


I guess Scott is wearing the wrong shirt now.. :)

We waited an extra half an hour just for an outdoor table with a view of the ocean...
but by then it was DARK! ;)

We went on another ride, this time through campus and then to the sea wall.

I like how I didn't think I'd fit safely through but Scott did... ;)

It starting pouring down rain on us when we were nearly home. SO refreshing!!


A Night Out On

Check out Scott's dew. 
He had to take full advantage of his hair being long before we cut it.

Sydney kept pointing at all the fat chubby mermaids (left) in this store and saying 
That's her name for me. Nice, Syd.
I got a sweet clock from that store. Thanks mom 'n dad!

And there you have it. We wore them out. 
(And that was all the FREE stuff in G-town (well, definitely not all of it). Maybe next time they visit we'll do some of the actual tourist attractions like Pleasure Peer and Moody Gardens. We almost made it to Moody Gardens but there weren't enough days). 
BUT the week wasn't over. The main event was still ahead...

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