Monday, May 12, 2014

Counting Down the Days

Today marks ONE MONTH until the big day we have been waiting almost a half a year to pass--a day that determines our future, a day that once over, we will finally get our Scotty back. 

You would think our current daily countdown would be focused on dropping HCG (pregnancy) levels followed by 6 months of keeping it that way-[to make sure I don't develop choriocarcinoma (extremely rare cancer of the placenta) from my last pregnancy and loss 2 months ago (Not Isaac's)].  

However, the main focus on our minds right now is getting to June 12th, so that we can finally have Scott again! In reality, there aren't many things worth counting down if I'm not counting them down with Scott. And right now, I'm not even with him enough to "have and to hold" because it's Step 1 (Medical Board Exam) that has him, and is holding him hostage until the day he checks out of that gruesome, 8-hour, beast of a test--which will have by then swallowed up 6 months of our family life.
No matter what it is we are counting down, when I have Scott there by my side to count down with, I can endure anything well. That is why it's been rough the last several months, and why my focus is to make it to June 12th, to get him back by my side (for much more than 30 minutes a day). Together, we can journey life's other countdowns, both good and bad, successfully, joyfully, and gratefully. 

We miss him so much! And he misses us. We are so proud of him for his sacrifice that will allow us more time as a family in the future. It's worth it. We are almost there. Just one more month...

By the end of February Sydney was really starting to wonder why she hardly ever saw daddy like she used to.
That's when we began the calendar cross off- a visual to help her understand better
when we will finally get daddy back.
She crosses it off all by herself, every night. :)


  1. Ah that last month is so hard, but you guys can make it!

  2. Awe that's so sweet! Adam will be done June 19th! Can't wait. Good luck you guys!!

  3. I feel your pain! Quite literally right now since David has been gone for the last 6 months studying for Step 3. They are all beasts!


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