Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Little Best Friend

I remember one desperate moment as a first-time-pregnant, mother-yet-to-be walking past the life jackets at Costco, and realizing they were for children, I got a glimpse of all the little and big things ahead of us in having a child. It was overwhelming in that moment to think of all that was to come from raising one precious soul.

Scott and I have recently noted how those moments of thoughtfulness have become reality and are unfolding before us every day. Our "baby" girl Sydney is suddenly so BIG, and it's so crazy just HOW big. 

When we started her in piano lessons almost 3 months ago--that is when it REALLY hit us how much she has actually grown up. I never thought that a 3.5 year old would be of the people I look up to the most. 

She is so much a part of my every day life, the good, the bad, even moreso than Scott right now at this phase of our lives, that she has become a part of me like no one else ever has (in a different way than Scott).

She is quite literally by my side in almost everything I do, everywhere I go, physically, emotionally, and many times spiritually. 

She is my Little Best Friend, and yet she is so big...

She started piano in the beginning of March.
She loves going to lessons because she loves her teacher, HollyPitt (one word ;)).

I used to think practicing as a youth was hard, 
but helping a 3 year old practice practicing is even harder.

Our very own "piano station" at home. haha
Syd got this roll-out piano from her aunt for Christmas
a couple years ago and we are so glad we have it! 
It went from being a kid toy to a legit instrument!
It's perfect for a small place like ours.

Future hurdler?

This is Sydney's palm tree bark dog.
We play with him at the park. 

She LOVES helping out! It makes her feel like a big girl.
Even though it's less convenient to have her helping sometimes, 
I'm living it up while I can!
I have a dishes picture too...somewhere...She LOVES bubbles washing dishes!!

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL- September 2013
REALLY?? That's big.

I was so used to seeing myself in hospital gowns there for a while
that she seemed so big to be in one herself at her well child check up.
They never had her in one before! I guess she's officially a big kid.

She started going to the dentist when she was 6 months old.
Time flies!

I think she looks a little TOO big here at the computer.
We go to the library fairly regular. 
She has always loved reading.

SUCH a little MOMMY!
She got her cousin Madie ready for bed from start to finish
when we visited KS in April.

When I was riding my bike trainer a lot she insisted on riding one too.
So I jimmy rigged a mini bike trainer next to me so we could work out together :)

 Slumber parties with dad :)

Crafting it up like Momma does every once in a while...

She loves helping make our cruise book towel animals for our guests who stay with us. 
We almost always make the elephants :)

Her Best Buddies

 These two were Best friends at first play- since 22 months!

Party girls!

 She loves to help water my pots. 
But here, she is watering her dead bean plant that we dumped out here
bc it died when we went to KS for 2 weeks.
(Notice the big girl shoes)

 She is one of the best moms I know to her 
baby doll "Isaac."
I hope I'm half the mom to her that she is to him!

Loved seeing this cute sight.
This was her first dance class experience.

Big girl biking..

Back in Galveston, she still rides her little red flyer trycicle. 
We don't have room to store anything actually her size! ha!
This was her cousin, Madie's bike. One day...

We paint our nails together lots.
She loves it. 

What a pro :)

This was a big girl moment.

Totally a big girl thing to be doing...chatting with the girls

Definitely big. :)

...But I believe that the thing that makes her the "biggest" was when she became a big sister for the first time, and then had to do the biggest, hardest thing a big sister has to do, and let all the fun that goes with that title go for a time. 
She buried her baby brother"in a box," while understanding with happiness that she would get him back to have and to hold again one day. 

About Isaac, she never worries, she never cries and she is most patient for the day she gets to be with him again. 

That is why I look up to her. 

She is mature beyond her years, and her spirit is the biggest of all about her.
I have no choice BUT to look up,

even as her brother looks up to her,
 I'm sure, 
even from above.

You mean the world to me Sydney, 
because you are my world right now, 
day in, and day out.

You. Are. Special.


Quote from Sydney just NOW as I get to the bottom of this:
"Don't cry, Mom! I love you!!!"


  1. This is exactly how I feel about Liza.The chance to look up to such a small being is the best part about Motherhood. What an amazing blessing to have these little sunshines as 'our life'.

  2. This is so precious! I love it. You are such a cute mom to such a cute little girl!

  3. Love it! You both are lucky to have each other.


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