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Dear Isaac: A letter to Heaven, and the World - PART IV - "Time" Concludes

Part IV of IV

*About this post: 
The contents of this entry are broken up into 4 parts- and posted over the course of 4 days. describe tender moments very close to my heart and are of great worth and significance to me. I share them out of gratitude for my angel son, Isaac, my Savior Jesus Christ, and my Father in Heaven for the priceless wisdom and insights this experience has and will provide me for the rest of my life, and so to others. I wrote these things (and much more besides) with much struggle and dedication over the course of nearly three months. As the most sacred and most beautiful experience of my life, it is my great privilege and honor to share these things with any and all who read it.

Isaac's story: Post 7

DEAR ISAAC: A Letter to Heaven, and the World
Hopeful Truths Gained From a Most Scared, Eternal Experience

Published 3 months postpartum

PART IV of IV- "Time" Concludes
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I once believed this "bitter cup" that was set before us would be swallowed up in the miraculous healing of our son. 
Now, I recognize the blessing of a greater opportunity. We are blessed to build a brighter faith, gain a stronger hope and achieve a more glorious work as we actively take part in creating miracles of our own doing. Living a life committed to the gospel so that I will witness the literal healing and raising up of my baby boy, will be of the greatest miracles along the way.

Until then, Isaac is our little missionary, helping us bring about miracles within ourselves but more importantly, to others. As his mother, I am proud to let him Serve the Lord for however long we are to be apart. 
Before Isaac's grave was filled with earth,
Scott laid down the favorite tie from his own 2-year mission in
honor of that same work Isaac is doing on the other side.

If through Isaac's story, we are able to bring one soul to Jesus Christ, then the sacrifice Scott, Sydney, Isaac and I endure in this life is worth it--that another may be made "alive" in Christ.

We all must have this opportunity to hear the Gospel before our Savior will come again, before we all (the dead and the living--everyone) can be together again, alive in the flesh, alive in Christ.

Each of our spirits will find permanent residence in the bodies we came to this earth to claim for all eternity. They will be perfected, glorified, immortalized, never to be separated from them again. This is so, that we may receive a fullness of joy surrounded by those we love as well as the one who loves us most--forever learning, growing and progressing that we may one day be as He is and have all that He has. This, is a fullness of joy. This is what God wants for each of us. This, is the purpose of our Savior, and this is His work and His glory: the immortality and eternal life of man. I bare strong testimony of it and declare that with any struggle we meet in this life, big or small, self-inflicted or imposed upon us, we can turn to our Savior and find strength, peace and comfort to endure it, learn from it, grow from it, and become more like Him through it. We are given time here on earth for this very purpose. What a gift.

And so I leave off where I began, months ago before Isaac's short life ended. It was truth then and it is truth now...
"If I look at the past, present and future as one eternal truth as God does, what I see is my family- Me, Scott, Sydney, Isaac, our future children and grandchildren, the family that came before us and those who will come after us- together. That vision will be reality, in the blink of an eye. In some sense, it already is reality. I don’t doubt that Isaac will act as a guardian angel for our family as we dwell here on earth, and I don’t doubt that our ancestors and our future children are already acting as our guardian angels. But there will come a time when we will literally be with them again, all together, all made possible by our Savior Jesus Christ, through His atonement and the great Plan of Salvation.

"As for the time being, I still cry at times; But more than the tears that drip down my cheeks is the amount of gratitude that I have for being given this marvelous opportunity to experience this pain and sorrow, that we may come to know and experience true joy coupled with tremendous faith, comfort and the invaluable opportunity to share the gospel.

I am forever grateful for all the blessings that continue to guide us through this experience--through this life.

It always was and still is only a matter of time and what we do with it--while we still have it. Individually, time will conclude for each of us, until the day when Christ comes and time as we know it, will conclude for all. 

He will then come to reign with peace and happiness. As brothers and sisters who made the choice pre-mortally to come to this earth to learn, grow and return back home, let us work together, prepare the way for our Savior and partake of the goodness and glory that will be ours as we live His gospel and share it with others. We are one big eternal family, all of us, and it will not be home without every one of us there. Let us each hasten the work before our time concludes, that our eternal life, God's greatest gift, may begin.

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*I definitely have further plans to for Isaac's story- as his story will never end (and there is much yet to share)- but I take a break from it for now. 
It's been a while since I've written a "normal" update on my blog about our day-to-day lives. There sure is a lot to catch up on!! I want Sydney to remember what she was like at this stage in her life and so for our own sake, I will continue to write about our daily, normal lives. As always, thank you for reading and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all! I love talking to people about the Gospel, about anything, and about life. :)


  1. I want you to know that my perspective on life and motherhood has greatly deepend as I have watched and witnessed and shared in this experience with you. It has given me greater understanding of certain gospel principles and I too, am so grateful for the light sweet Isaac, you, your family and your words have given to me. I love you Steph. You are a wonderful woman and I am grateful to have you as a friend.

    1. I am so glad you have been able to share in such a big part of this experience with me, Ashlee! You were truly meant to be in my life at this specific time--but always nonetheless! :) You are such a great friend and I am so grateful for all you did for us that week, before and after. I am grateful to have you as my friend. You are a literal angel!

  2. you are beautiful. this is beautiful. what an incredible eternal perspective. You always give me so much to ponder on. Isaac is one lucky guy, and it's clear you count yourself the lucky one. Which speaks volumes of your faith. I love that Scott put his tie down. What a display of trust and faith and knowledge of the plan of Salvation! Grateful as always for your example.

    1. I'm grateful for you, Kristin!! Thank you for always having the nicest things to say. I loved reading about your family tonight- you are likewise an example to me! I'm grateful to be "here" with you and to know you and to love and support each other from "afar." You are beautiful!

  3. Stephanie, you and your husband and daughter are truly showing us all what the Atonement is in its purest form. You are an inspiration and it is no wonder you and your husband have been given such a sweet and valiant spirit to raise up :) Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your example. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your beautiful family.

    1. Thank you Chloe!! :) I appreciate what you say. I am grateful for you letting me know that my words are coming through with the message I want to share! And thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers! You are wonderful.

  4. This is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story and your faith!

    1. Thank you, Sarah!!! I am happy to share it!


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