Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Splurge, Baby Shower, Princess Party, Valentine's Day, Fire Station

Emotionally and physically-It's been a very busy month. This post will focus on the physical, fun parts.

As for the emotional, it's been mostly positive as well, just unexpected and undesired.
There will be another time and place for a post that will share this tremendous learning experience our family is blessed to endure and grow from.
In the meantime, please keep us, Sydney, and our baby in your prayers. Thank you. :)

*First things first: San Antonio Weekend Trip
Scott's a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army. He's not currently active duty, but will be for one month each year until Medical School is finished and then when he is doing his Medical Residency, He will be considered Active Duty (as a Doctor at a military medical center on Base). A group of med students doing this scholarship program through the Army went to San Antonio to get a tour of San Antonio Military Medical Center at Ft. Sam Houston the first weekend in February.

The first night we were there, we stayed at an average hotel on base. After Scott was done with his hospital tour and meeting doctors Saturday morning, our REAL vacation started! It was way fun to be on base and get a little taste of that, but we were mostly looking forward to the awesome hotel we stayed at the 2nd night, which was on the Riverwalk itself, had free dinner and breakfast (good, hot food too) and free popcorn and soda all afternoon and evening long down in the lobby. Sweetest hook up ever. We were on the very top floor of the high-rise, alone with only a couple other rooms, where the workout area and the rooftop pool/spa was located as well. We had a suite, so we had our own room and Syd slept out on the pull out couch so we could put her to bed and still watch a movie and stay up and eat our free popcorn. :) It was definitely a splurge, but we can afford that once a year for one night only :). Maybe once we're out of medical school we'll be able to afford two nights in a row in a hotel like that!! -haha. It felt like a REAL vacation, not just a visit, somewhere, like it normally is. I liked how short and sweet it was too.

The Alamo

Random Guinness World Records museum 
right by The Alamo.
We were way entertained by just the entrance,
but, of course, never made it past the ticket booth :). 
We are all about free entertainment.
Can you believe there is a man who is REALLY this tall?
Out of control.

2. Baby Shower brunch
The weekend after the San Antonio trip,
I hosted, along with a few friends,
a baby shower for my friend Teri 
who is having a baby boy mid March. 
It was really fun to do - and kept me busy for several days! 
A fun kind of busy. :)

This was my pride and joy.
A diaper cake seemed more feminine and I
wanted to make something out of diapers that screamed "Boy."
Thank you youtube video instructions!
The cow is Syd's, but I took that pic before I bought the monkey and wrapped it.

Tag: Lizzy :)

Tag: Lisset :)

Tag: Whitney

Thank you so much LIZZY, WHITNEY, SHANNON and LISSET
for all of your HELP!
You girls were awesome.

My Favorite!

Congratulations Teri!!!

3. PRINCESS Party!! :)
Less than an hour after the last person left from the shower, 
I helped Syd get all dressed up pretty like a princess
(after a morning of hard, rough playing with daddy
and her  !) and we went to her friend Lydia's
3rd Birthday Party. 
It was a really cute theme and way fun for the girls to get 
all sparkly and make-up-E and be princesses.

4. Valentine's Day
Sydney had a little Valentine's exchange
with our friends from our playgroup from church.
It was really fun and cute! I LOVE doing this kind of thing with Syd.
It gets me sooo excited for helping out with her future school events and parties.

This kid cracked me UP!!!
He was eating a pink frosting cupcake (unavoidable color frosting for this occasion), and it looked like lipstick application gone bad. Soo funny.

The Goods.
So excited!!!

I actually made this 3 days after Valentine's day,
but if we weren't gone all day in Houston, I may have been able to pull it off.
Strawberry Glace'. 
My FaVoRiTe!!!

*Scott and I had the pleasure of going to the LDS Houston Temple on Valentine's day-
A nice 7 hour outing that included lots of driving, the temple, and a short dinner on our
way back to pick up Syd. 

I can think of no better way to have spent Valentine's Day than at the temple with my husband.

5. Fire Station
Play group this week was a fun one. A tour of the Galveston Firestation :).
Sneak Peak into future field trips with Syd.
I love this kind of stuff!!

So fun!!
Love these girls
and those kids!

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