Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Scott doesn't get a Spring Break from his medical school, but Spring Break was definitely brought to us. We had quite the house hold of guests last week, hosting Scott's sis and fam. at the beginning of the week and then my sis and fam. later in the week. It was a fun time. It's been fun pretending like I'm a tourist on vacation in the place I currently call home.

1st Visitors of SB:
(some of)

Sydney really likes her cousin Mitchell. Can you tell?
 Just look at her look at him in both these shots! 
She loves him. 
We've made that discovery that the last few visits with the TX cousins. 

2nd Visitors of SB:
(some of) 
*Just so you know,  the KS cousins were here much longer than the TX cousins, AND Melissa takes a LOT more pics. You will see. These are all from her camera.  

I must start out with these pics of Mike bc I think they are hilarious-
Mostly because he was sooo white before (got an awesome shot of that...).
 Who am I kidding, we were ALL white before, and we ALL got burnt. He just got it the worst.
I got a text from Melissa today this is even funnier. It said: "Mike is sooooo disgusting! He snows dead skin everywhere. He leaves piles of skin everywhere. Sosososososososososos nasty." 
 Bahaha! It makes me laugh just typing it. 
So sorry this happened to you Mike! 
Next time we'll be better hosts and warn people to wear sunscreen even if it is March.
 Thanks for being so cool to look at for a few days. You made the rest of us feel better about our burns. :)

IF only he'd have kept that shirt on..

 Learning how to breastfeed, very important skill at age 2. 

The kids needed to run around after their long car drive,
so we went to the park nearby just before dinner was ready. 

First night in town, 
 roasting 'mallows at the beach, 
accross the Ferry, where fires are allowed...

Gotta love cousin bath shots! 

 First full day in town/first and last time to the beach
Sunburns. Enough said. 

 They look pretty hard core out there kayaking,
 until you notice the kids on water blowup water toys 10ft from them.
Galveston has shallow shores that go way out.

Checkin' out a souvenir shop (Murdoch's) on the Seawall 
while waiting for Scotty boy to go pick up the Pizza from Mario's! 

 Apparently we took forever to meet back up with him 
and he was almost pizza-mugged by several people. ;)
He's so happy to finally see us :)

Our Pizza Picnic
with Pleasure Pier and ocean scenic views.

On Sunday afternoon Mel and I went out to one of my favorite places to go walking with Scott and we took pregnancy pics of baby Isaac and my growing 18 week tummy

These pics will be special to me forever.
 I will explain more on that in my next post. 

There are lots more..I'll include a few others in a different post about baby Isaac

Me and the photographer :)
Thanks, sis!!!

Sydney and cousin "Baby Lacy!"
 The Morris fam. :)
We took them on the Hurricane Ike Carved Tree tour
Such cool pieces of art! Apparently one of the directors of the Wizard of Oz was born in that house behind us, that's why one of the sculptors made the destroyed tree into the Tin Man and Todo. 
There were lots more...

 Galveston Yacht Club walk..

 Dinner time!

Yep, 9 of us lived in our little apartment for several nights.
It didn't feel as crammed as I expected! 
Worked out quite nice actually. 

One last Ferry ride to see the dolphins, which they didn't get to see :(

Moody Gardens Aquarium 

 Evening swim where our friends live. Best view ever! 
So nice. And we all died TRYING to get in the hot tub. The ONLY one of us adults who succeeded was Mel. I guess her burn was not as bad as the rest of us? I can't think of any other way, it hurt SOOOO BAD!!

....And a random last picture to finish things off. 
Mel caught this bird (more like BEAST!) conducting to the other birds.

 It was such a fun-filled week and we enjoyed having our family here very much!
Thanks to the Neals and Morrises for coming to visit!!! 

PS: For a million additional pictures, visit Mel's FB page. I'm sure she'll be posting sometime soon... :)


  1. Stephanie you are so gorgeous! I can't wait to see more of your pregnancy pics! Also... you're gonna have to tell me where you go walking with Scott because me and Tyler love going on walks together, but since moving here it's been impossible. There are no sidewalks!! And the mosquitos eat you alive! Please share your secret!!! Looks like you had a really fun visit with your family!

  2. i love this! thanks for posting all of the pictures of your time with me some great ideas for when we have visitors! you guys know how to party :) and i LOVE the pregnancy shots. you look so radiant and happy. very beautiful! xox

  3. Stephanie, you look so beautiful and happy in your pictures. I am so glad to be your friend. I love reading your blog!

  4. I absolutely love the picture of you in the orange shirt laughing. It is stunning! I've heard a little bit about your situation and I am already amazed at your strength. I am anxious for your next post.

  5. You all are so sweet!! Thank you so much for your comments, I really love reading them- they make me happy!! Chandra, we go walking at Beachtown, just past the Digiovanni's towers- have you ever been there? It's so peaceful and beautiful. I will email you :)

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