Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Few Projects

So we were at chick-fil-A a few Saturdays ago (for breakfast...fat) with my sister Mel and Mike and the kids and Mike's friend called and said he was putting his scooter out on the edge of his driveway with a "For Free" sign and if he wanted it, he should come get it. Mike already has 4 (much nicer) mopeds filling up his 3rd car garage so he declined but we quickly accepted the offer!

Mike and Scott spent the better half of that Saturday afternoon putting the yellow shell back on the bike....WITH PLASTIC YELLOW PULL TIES!! HA! All it needed was a new battery to get that beauty hummin'. What a perfect thing to have on an island! And a great way for Scott to drive to school.   
Not too bad (from far away), eh?! You would never know it was free
We were glad we were at the right place, at the right time with the right people. 

Sydney thinks her (Grammy's) bike is cooler cuz it's not tied together with pull ties like daddy's ;)

Every little kid needs a chair their own size, so we were excited when Scott's sister Rachel and her 3 girls started the process of refinishing this little chair they had to give to Syd. They did a great job sanding it down and mud puttying in the gaps and sent us back to KS with some white paint which Scott and I finally got around to a few weekends ago.

It's been a while since I've done this kind of thing, it must be the fact that I'm not home all day by myself anymore. I'm sure I'll get right back into tons of crafting projects once we move to our own place again and Scott is gone at school all day again. 
This was for a baby shower I went to this week....I took the template for the elephant off of a baby gap box and traced it onto fabric, cut it, ironed on, then sewed. Made the bow to match and sewed on some ribbon.

It's the same elephant as the rocking chair

It's been very exciting and also very frustrating these last few weeks as we are preparing ourselves to move our lives down to Galveston. I have spent every hour at work, and many at home looking mostly for a house to move into. Four years is a long time and I want to be happy where we end up, whether that means buying or renting. It's very frustrating being so far away. But when we see a home we actually like (which is far and few between), it is very exciting. We are so new to the home buying/lending process that there are so many unknowns to us and we have a lot to learn. But who knows, maybe we'll end up renting after all. 

We have been leaning toward doing the military again lately. It is just feeling better and better to us mostly because of family life. There are MANY factors to consider and trust me, we have been considering for months now. We have yet to make a final decision but as to the way things are moving, we'll probably be in the military come August, when school starts. 


  1. You are so talented, Stephanie! And adorable too:) Such an exciting time in your lives. Love to be able to see what you're up to!

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