Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I can say that with excitment, now. About a week ago when it became a reality, it was sad to think of leaving. But we decided not to dwell on that and now we are looking forward to our new adventure. It will be hard to beat the set-up we have here, especially my family, except for the ocean and palm trees and the warm winters we are about to gain! Those almost compensate for not being near family. Maybe it just means they will come visit me more often! :) Here's where we are headed come mid July...
Galveston, TX.
Many don't know that Galveston is an island. That's where our cruise ported 3.5 years ago when we left on our honeymoon, but I didn't realize it was an island until Scott interviewed there last November.

Scott made it into KUMed, in case you were wondering, but as an alternate. So we decided to move forward and now we feel a tremendous load of pressure off our shoulders. We were putting too much weight on wanting to be by family for the next 4 years and not thinking enough about the big picture. There is greater opportunity cost if we stayed here, be it 8 years of military or some $300,000 debt; KUMed practically robs out-of-staters. So it was a blessing that we didn't have to decide on our own to go to Galveston. Galveston was, after all, our top choice out of the four schools he interviewed with in TX, and luckily, he got matched with it. We just want to get into a big enough place, hopefully house, to grow our family in over the next four years. If anyone out there has any recommendations about a good area to live near Galveston, please let us know! I'm on the computer a lot these days looking at potential homes....

SPRING BREAK With the Cousins
Is it really a break when you are exhausted at the end of it? Not only did Scott and I still go to work all last week, but we had family in town. And did I mention that 4 out of the 5 families from my family already live in the same neighborhood? The whole fam was together for the first time in about a year and a half. Needless to say, everyone was involved in just about everything all week long and there were activities and events non-stop all week. Always a big family dinner every night, millions of grand kids running around everywhere, and a week's worth of 70 degree days to celebrate it. I will just plop down some pictures from the "break" and you can see the fun unfold before your eyes...
(You can click on the pics to make them larger..)

2010 Babies

planting seeds in Grammy's garden
Grammy's yard
A race!

All the sisters and our kids
All the "Stone" grandkids
2010 babies and mommies

Cousin Cole and Syd

G-ma and G-pa Stone with all their current grandkids

Everyone! and Jeff's thigh...

water feature in Grammy's front yard

I decided to just take off her clothes

Me and Mel
This was after the milkshakes and smoothies in pic. above. "Midnight" doughnut run--it's tradition!!

Are we FAT or what?!?!
Petting Zoo at Family Tree Nursery

We used it as a leash...
...and she didn't like it. :)

awe so cute...cousin Sadey and Syd
 I LOVE YOU!! She's got it mastered!!!


  1. LOVED this....such a cute family!!! SO excited about your Texas
    school--heard its a GOOD one!! Congrats!!

  2. Congrats to Scott! And exciting for you guys!!


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