Thursday, March 1, 2012


So Cute
I left work on Tuesday to find this fun-ness as I opened the back door to chuck my backpack on the seat. The note on the window said: "Will you go on a date with me this Friday?" and then instructed me to release the balloon with my answer on it into the air. Of course, as I opened the door the wind blew out another balloon which popped underneath the truck parked in front of me. Even without that one I was able to piece together the message that "awaits hidden within..." each balloon. :) The pieces gave me directions to drop Sydney off at Michelle's house at 3:25 sharp this Friday (which is tomorrow!!! Yay!), and that I'd receive further instructions from there. How fun is that?!?! I can't wait!!

Right Now
My sister Mel just texted this picture to me so I thought I'd share it. That is Syd (in green) on the tramp with her cousins Kaely and Cole that live down the street. The most exciting part about this picture is that its March 1st and it's 70 degrees out. That's a little unheard of for Kansas winters. That would have sounded cooler to say if it were still February like it was yesterday, but March is known as a cold month too, right??

The Mile Run
On Tuesday when I got home from work, Scott, Syd and I went to the high school track near where we live so that Scott could time his 1 mile run. Sydney had such a fun time running around the field and I had such a fun time NOT running at all. :) Scott decided that he's not a distance runner, just a sprinter. Though his time might beg to differ.. 5:46:5. He said he'd like to cut that down a little. Syd was watching him run here..then she started to do the same herself. She's just a hair slower than him. It was a fun little outing before dinner.

Wait for it...this is just set-up
Syd's Tricks I need to dedicate an entire post to all the tricks Sydney can do. She can do a lot!! This one is my new favorite..but no one in public will ever be able to witness it bc she's only allowed passys in the crib. Lucky you, you get to see!! ;)

That's right! THREE passys at once!! Silly girl!


  1. Nice work, Scott. How cute is he?! And I love the passy trick;) What a sweetie pie!

  2. I love that you blog a lot!! That is so sweet of Scott. I hope you had fun. I miss Syd, she is so cute.

  3. what a cutie! Just found your blog off FB, so I hope this isn't weird. lol. :) You've got a gorgeous family Stephanie!


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