Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moving, Christmas, Valentine's and Family Stuff - 22 pictures for your viewing enjoyment

I thought this was so cute, I had to document it. My friend Laura, or an accomplice of hers, somehow snuck this display in our yard AS WE WERE LOADING our moving truck, sometime around midnight on December 18th.

I still don't know how we didn't notice but we got to enjoy these cute birds for another 2 hours before we left at 2am for our 25hr + drive to KS down the mountains and through the blizzarding midwest.

These are really the only pictures we took over Christmas break in Dallas with Scott's fam, except for iceskating, but those are on Scott's phone. We did lots of fun things while we were there, next trip I'll take more pictures, promise!
It was fun to see Syd be able to open her own presents and know what she was doing. She got great practice on her 1st birthday a couple months before. She wears these slippers everyday, when I'm home with her. They are awesome. Thanks Grandma Walton! ;).

This is Syd going down a slide at a jump house in Tx with her daddy and cousins over the break. It was actually a LOT steeper than it looks! Scott is practically standing! ;)

So this was a big deal when we were in our room talking to my dad and Scott interrupted our conversation to read aloud the email that had just popped into his inbox. He got an invitation to interview at KU Med!! That was the day we had all been waiting for. Now that the interview has come and gone (as of Feb. 10th), we are now awaiting the day in mid-march when we find out if he gets accepted or not. But that's also the day we have to make many decisions. Do we go to KUMED so I can be by family while my husband is away so much or do we go to UT Galveston where we will pay about $50,000 less a year just for tuition? And will we do the military to pay for school? These are some of the questions on our plate right now...but they won't become answerable until we know if we are in KUMED or not! So much waiting since last fall...

So Valentines day was fun this year. My sisters and other contributors helped my mom prepare a stake and salmon dinner, including Cheesecake Factory Avacado Eggrolls (made by Michelle) and Cheesecake Factory chocolate Cheesecake (purchased by my Uncle Jeff), so that we could all enjoy a nice dinner without the same expense.

Here is everyone at the V-Day dinner party...Mike is taking the pic and the grand kids present are running around somewhere. :)

The music playing overhead was way too much to resist so after dinner we all migrated to the living room where we had a dance party. My favorite part was watching Syd's dance moves. I swear that girl has got better moves than I do, or anyone else I know. I will record it one day and post it as proof. Plus it's just super fun to watch. She is a child dance prodigy. ;)

Here's Syd and her cousin Cole hugging, like 5 times in a row. You can see above when the hug attack began. Oh, and the open mouth? That means kisses. :)

The latest event at our house, was a goodbye party for my mom's best friend Jeanne who is moving to Utah. This clearly called for a sister photo shoot. 

Melissa's really the only one really getting into it..as always. 

Meanwhile, the party was going on upstairs...
We made our way up to mingle throughout the night. Here is Melissa's pregnant belly..she found out today that she is having another GIRL!!!!!

Welp, I think I'm about done with blogging for the day so I'm suddenly going to stop writing...Goodbye!


  1. I made the blog! I am famous now =)

    It all looks like so much fun. Keep up the posting.

  2. I love all the pictures. Syd has gotten bigger. You look beautiful. I miss you guys.


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