Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Few Updates Since Leaving Utah

I always strongly disliked when I had a ton of "catching up" to do in my journal. I try and avoid "catch up days" and I feel the same way about it here on a blog-- except, this will be easier because I will just drop a picture from each event and describe it. Good idea.

FIRST THINGs FIRST: TODAY. It's best to live in the present, so I'll use that as an excuse to procrastinate my catch-up.
I decided just a moment ago that I'd take a picture of where I am at right now, which is at work, because I secretly wish that I had a picture of myself in every job I've had since I was 14 from that McDonalds hat to the lifeguard suit to the reporting microphone I held in hand...(well, that was for my major but it was like a job!).

Anyway, THIS is the desk at which I now work...You can see the beginnings of THIS blog post in the background!! And you see those flowers there??? Yep, everyone who passes by compliments me on how beautiful they are. This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks that flowers have been delivered to my desk--FOR OTHER GIRLS! ha! At least when they don't come get em right away, I get to enjoy them and feel kinda cool for a second before revealing to each person who asks that they aren't for me. Scott, GET ON IT!!!

Also, I'd like to point out my name tag, which I turned around just for you to see how cool I am with my own name tag. So this is where I am every Thursday, and where Scott is every Wednesday until medical school starts this fall and we will be officially unemployed for at least 4 years..!! I don't know whether to be excited about that or not..We have a different building we also work at just down the road, but it's pretty similar so you can imagine its beauty as well.

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I just typed all that about a non-event. But THIS, THIS is actually CUTE: So Scott sent me this picture text today when I asked him for a picture of Syd. It was just an average cute pic that he might send, UNTIL I SAW IT!!! Just loook and see if you can find the secret message in this picture!!!

She's totally throwin' up the "I LOVE YOU" sign language sign!!! Scott and I use it ALLLL the time and every time I come home from work (just twice a week), Scott has taught Syd a new trick that day. When I questioned if Scott had taught her that or if that was just a fluke hand gesture scott texted back: "Totally taught her. That was her debut." :) I love it! I LOVE YOU TOO SYD!!!!!

Sorry to throw you off with that blog title, but it looks like I'm forced to procrastinate "catch up" another day or at least until I get home from work because the pictures I had uploaded for it....I accidentally deleted. Oops!

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  1. Thank you for inviting us to view your blog! Now that you live so far away, it will be a great way to keep up on you and your cute family! Lots of love to all 3 of you ~ The Olsens


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