Friday, August 5, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday, Isaac!!! We love you!

Today, August 5, 2016, is a very sacred and special day for us.
I woke up unusually early and went downstairs to our backyard where I must have been attracted to a bright light. The air was unusually crisp for a summer morning and as I faced the light, I discovered the warm sun brightly rising directly above our “Isaac” memorial, some 2400 miles from his grave we recently left behind. I had no idea until this special day of Isaac’s, that the sun rose every morning in our backyard directly over his memorial statue.

Today is the first of many that we will spend honoring Isaac’s birthday far away from his sweet little body. However, besides that sacred August 5th in 2013 when we held him for the first and last time, he has never felt closer! Not just today, but every day. I have told many, but I will tell it again how incredible Isaac is at communicating with us from the spirit world and there is no doubt he is always near! He amazes me and comforts me!

Sydney was almost 3 when she held her first newborn brother after he passed away. Today, Isaac himself would be 3. How much I wish he was here to hold HIS baby brother Landon. Even more, how much I wish he was here for me to hold. Until the day I have Isaac in physical form again, I DO have him in spirit form and though difficult in its own right, it’s also a beautiful and sacred experience to mother in this way and to be a “split world” family (as I like to call it). 

Later today we will fill white helium balloons with special messages in them and send them off toward heaven. We want to honor Isaac in this way by hopefully touching the hearts of any who finds them and reads them. I know Isaac will help assist in guiding the balloons to the souls who need their inspiration! :) 

Thank you to all who hold Isaac close to your hearts this day. We hold friends, family and acquaintances dear to our hearts always and forever. Each one is special and so loved. That’s the message form Isaac to each of you. You are loved!!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Isaac! We love you always and forever! 

<3 Mom, Dad, Sydney and Landon <3

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