Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sydney's 1st Graduation

I figured this special little day would go to the wayside like so many other moments and events do as far as sharing them with family and friends afar through this blog...Rarely anything goes to the wayside as far as recording in my journal--but it's hard to find time for both! 

My focus and perspective in life has shifted over the last year to more regularly spend my time with and on "what matters most"-- and what matters most is loving and serving the people around me, not my daily tasks--so I choose to spend my time focused on the people around me but not always blogging about it :). 

However, Sydney and I are in a 6 month period of Scott-less-ness and since we couldn't make this memory with him (we see him less than an hour a day), I wanted to share it with him through this post. 

For daddy, who couldn't be there, as well as Grammy and Grandpa in KS and Granddad and Grandma in Dallas...

Sydney's 1st Graduation

*A HUGE shout out to Teri and Jesse Erasmus for taking all of these great pictures! Thank you guys! You are both so talented! 

Sydney graduated from her first year of joy school yesterday and we did a little ceremony and celebration for the kids. It was most of these kids' first schooling experience and they loved it and grew so much the last 8 months. They are so cute and it was such a fun year. We love them!

The Graduates

The Teachers

Our Kiddos

We are best friends :)

The Graduation

 The Picnic

The Celebration

 DiGiovanni's and Cano's (Left),
 we will miss you next year!


  1. So nice to have the moments that feel really happy!

  2. Adorable! And Jesse and Teri make me crazy with their camera skills.


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