Thursday, April 17, 2014

Masquerade Ball and Roaring 20's Gala

It's been a pretty rough lifestyle the last 4 months not seeing a whole lot of each other while Scott prepares strenuously for the Step 1 (Board exam) in June. I have never seen him more focused on anything, and less at home.

However, I've been lucky enough to enjoy a couple of extra special dates with Scott over the last several weeks.
My standards for date nights have necessarily lowered and my definition of "special" has dramatically shifted as well.

special weekly date currently includes me doing the driving while he listens to study material in the car with headphones, and him hitting the books again once we're home.

The fact that he's at my side for any part of an evening is special in and of itself--It really is that bad right now! But it makes me treasure my time with him all the more- and that's how it should always be!

The Roaring 20's Benefits Gala 
at the Tremont House in downtown Galveston 
last Saturday night was the best $20 we have spent on a date in a while--Good food, good friends, good fun, and a good time for cheap! Not to mention, it was fun getting all dressed up in 20's attire...

Photo Booth:
I never knew when it was going to go off
 so I made the same pose in almost every pic...

looks like Scott did too :). 

The Masquerade Benefits Ball
at the Old Galveston Train Station:
I was so excited for this date (back in March) because I had never been to a masquerade ball before and really didn't think they existed much anymore.
This date was even less than $20 because a Dr. at UTMB paid for our tickets somewhat pricy tickets along with some other students that were in Scott's PBL Group (not even sure what that stands for).

I had just been sick a few days before with whatever had been going around and by the night of the masquerade Scott had gotten sick--he still looks great in all the pics though, face covered and all! ;)

 I put these together the morning of--thanks to Hobby Lobby.
 Best. Store. Ever.

Masquerade Ball attendees or train bandits?

 We weren't too creative with our poses for the night. 
Good thing our friends were.


The Masquerade was fun and all, but the 20's night was far more fun!!

I could not force the bum to pose any more
by the end of the night

As fun as I thought a masquerade ball would be, it just wasn't what I thought it would be. The Roaring 20's was where it was at!

Fun headbands and masks, dresses and cufflinks or not, both nights were special, and extra special because I got to spend treasured time with Scott :).


  1. love it!! now i have finally seen the long awaited pictures from the masquerade. we had a great time with ya'll at the roaring 20s night ;) (in that pic with chelsea behind you i totally thought that was HER hand on your waist for a while and i was like…that's kinda weird. then i realized it was scott's. haha) love you two!

    1. haha yeah they are finally up! You've been waiting so long for them! The masquerade ball felt more like Halloween now looking back at pictures. Good thing you got to see the 20's live and in person! ;) Love you too!

  2. PBL= Problem based learning ;) Great pics! So happy you were able to squeeze in some much needed date time.

    1. Thanks, Teri :) Now that PBL groups are coming to an end (or already have?!) after 2 years I will now remember what it means :).

  3. Step 1 studying does end and you will have your husband back! Good luck with the last stretch!


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