Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy 1/2 Birthday Isaac!

February 5, 2014

Happy 1/2 Birthday Isaac!! 
I can't believe you would be 6 months old today. 
But that's 6 months closer to being with you again! 
We love you!!! 💕

(Below) I had to hide this one in here--
"The Preparation Photo".
Yes, I brought my vacuum to clean out the letters and 
yes, that's Sydney's beach shovel to dig the dirt away from the cement. :)
 We've been wanting to do that. :) 

When I remembered last night what today stood for, 
it was kind of a rough night. 
Luckily today, I was not left to myself.
Time spent with others, especially with friends and family, 
is always the time best spent. 

One of the best parts of the day was finding out that 
that Scott got to take a break in his recent 16-hour-day schedule
 and so we went back to "Isaac's" with him by our side. :) 
That was so happy :)

When we got home;
We have very dear friends :)

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Isaac!!! 
We only have a few years here in Galveston so we are living it up!
On your real birthday, we will celebrate you with some cake :)

By then, we will be one whole year closer to being with you again! 


  1. Very cute. I love the flower arrangement. They look real. I'm guessing they are. That was nice of your friends to go with you. I love lookin at high quality photos you have now. It makes a difference. ;). My heart hurts for you thinking about Isaac being 6 mo. That's such a fun age. And babies are so precious. I love you and my kids and I pray daily for you and Michelle to get pregnant soon. Not that a new child can replace Isaac but I'm sure it will bring you comfort and soften the pain you have now. Thanks for being so strong.

    1. Thanks Mel :). The flowers are actually not real- that way they can last through spring time :). I love them too- we had calla Lillie's in our wedding bouquet and they are my favorite. The first three photo collages my friend Teri took on her camera- but the rest I took on mine- thanks! Love you..

  2. such a sweet tribute to him! i love this post and love your sweet family!


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