Wednesday, January 22, 2014

(Video) SECRET MISSION -- The Surprise (December 2013)

The (edited- I'll have you!) video below started out as a secret mission, known only to my brother-in-law, Jeff.

You see, Scott and I spent Christmas day in Galveston, drove to Dallas (Scott's hometown) on the 26th, and on the evening of the 27th decided last minute to take one last spontaneous, secretive, and surprising road trip through the night to Kansas City (my hometown :)).

Jeff, who was in on the secret mission, was kind enough to leave a key under his doormat for our 4am arrival, as well as record the following events with his cell phone.

Here is the video footage I had fun cutting together of us revealing our surprise
...and then some.

(CLICK HERE (email subscribers), if video below doesn't show up). 


We had a blast those four days, which included both Scott's birthday and my birthday. 
(The iceskating pictures at the end are from back in Dallas. :))

The surprise trip was a great birthday present to me 
and a great belated-Christmas 2013 and Happy New Year 2014 for us all :). 


  1. Aww I loved it! And all because you decided to be spontaneous ! Thank you for making the sacrifice thanks for making that cute video. Nice work! I'm gonna go watch it again . GOODBYE LOVE U WEFFA

    1. I'm glad Jeff recorded it!! You and Mel made for some pretty good footage so thanks to you too!! Love you!!!

  2. Super sweet. Nothing like Family. Loved your video!

  3. great video, steph! love you guys, so blessed to know you!


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