Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Here's to (the BEST) 4 years, (and a month) ;)

There is one month out of every year during which every large celebration in Scott and my life falls.

When we first got married, we promised we'd never have any kids in the month of December. So far, we've held true to that.

December 20 - Our Anniversary
December 25 - Christmas
December 29 - Stephanie's birthday
December 31 - Scotty's birthday-- (and we usually throw in New Year's Eve this day too ;)).

This past December 2012, we celebrated 4 years of marriage, and we are already 1 month into our 5th. Most of our marriage still lies ahead, and that is what excites me most...

Wedding day
December 20, 2008

First date
Dallas, TX
July 2008
        - Meet and get married (within 6 months)
        - Move to Utah to continue school at BYU
        - Move to southern TX to sell security systems with APX alarm for the summer
        - Pay cash for our first brand new car (thanks to our grueling summer job :))
        - Move back to Utah/BYU
        - Steph graduates from BYU with a BA in communications, emphasis in broadcast journalism         (crossed that stage 7 months pregnant :)).
        - Oct. 8, Sydney Michelle Walton, our first daughter is born :))))))))))))))))))
        - Scott graduates from BYU as a pre-med student in exercise science.
        - We move home (my home) to Kansas, while we wait to hear back from medical schools.
        - Scott gets accepted into medical school at UTMB
        - Scott joins the US Army as 2nd Lieutenant for the experience and benefits of being a doctor in    the Army.
       - We move our little family down to Galveston, TX to start med school, where we will be until 2016. 

I recently put a quote up on our bedroom wall that really makes me appreciate our story, not just for its ups for for its "downs" too because thats when we really share the most growth together.

The quote reads:
"Every Love story is Beautiful, but ours is my Favorite." 

I think this is a quote every couple should live up to, no matter how "boring" or unworthy they think their story is, as long as they keep their story never ending.

Scott is my most favorite person in the whole wide world and always will be. Me getting to spend my whole life and eternity with him definitely is my favorite part. To know our story will NEVER end is what makes it exciting because like a good movie or good story, you don't want it to end.
The only difference between our story and a good movie or book is that our whole story hasn't been written yet. A good portion of what will be written is up to whatever comes our way, but the outcome of every chapter is always up to us. Our goal is to make it a positive, and uplifting story, because just like any couple, we too are faced with trials and afflictions, as a couple, as a family and as members of society, but among those trials and afflictions we can always choose the tone, moral, feeling of our story by how we react to such situations. And we always want it to feel right.

Anyway...not sure where all that came from but
here are some pictures from that crazy month
we just celebrated :)

 Luckily Syd's cast fell perfectly between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
She got it removed just a day or two before we left town for the holidays (and everything else!).

Story time at the library. We got to eat breakfast with Santa! This was the first time she sat on Santa's lap without being scared.

Christmas party at church
We all dressed up like Jerusalem times and ate similar foods from the time and watched a short Nativity presentation.

Scott putting water in the well. 
If only it were that easy back then...

Like our makeshift costumes? 
Bedsheets draped over our backs..


Mile long trail of lights along Galveston Bay 

It looked WAY to easy to climb,
so he had to try



My 25th Birthday
We all got to go through the temple for the first time EVER
as a whole family (and our spouses)!
It was amazing. 

 Panera. One of my favorites!

 Like mother, like daughter
Always food in our mouths. 

2010 cousins
(All 4 of us sisters had babies in the same year..) 

Family picture
I look a little uncomfortable, 
it's bc I was.
(feeling sick..)

A burrito that weighed more
than my newborn baby...
8.5 pounds of Freebirds deliciousness
They call it, the super monster

It took over 3 days for 3 of us to finish the thing.
So fat.

with Scott's fam. on our way back home.
Syd's 1st time ice skating

Walton anual New Years Eve
countdown to jumping in the pool, Dec. 31.
Cold way to bring in the New Year,
and end Scott's birthday.

Celebrating Scott's 26th birthday a couple days after,
in Galveston.

Flying our new kite at the beach

And again, a couple days later

And just for jun, from just the other night,
Scott's awesome hairstyling skills

And much more to life does!


  1. love this! :) That quote is brilliant. I love it. You have a beautiful family Stephanie! Wish I could get Cam to wear a bow tie. I think they are so charming!

  2. You are beautiful! Happy anniversary and birthday! We miss you a ton!

  3. Happy Everything to you guys! I love how you write about choosing the tone in your home. When we got married, my dad gave us some awesome advice. He told us we were now creating our own world. That our home was its own little world. And all the stuff we didn't want in it, didn't have to be in it. He was so right. It is so true that we are all affected by the world around us. But we choose the feeling and spirit and love that is within our home. We create that. Is an awesome responsibility to have. I'm so glad your home is happy! I love you guys!

    1. You're so wise, Ashlee! :) We love you too!

  4. great post! happy 4 years to an awesome couple! love you guys

    1. You are sweet. Thanks! Love you too, girl!


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