Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Isaac!!!

Note: It's been a whole year exactly since last post, which Scott wrote on Isaac's 1st Birthday. I have chosen to continue recording life, but solely in my personal journal so that I may more fully be present in life as it passes in person.
But today, in honor of Isaac, I post for him and his 2nd birthday in Heaven. I love you so much, sweet Isaac! 

August 5, 2013-August 5, 2015:

How badly it has hurt in anticipation of today…yet how the tears I’ve shed in anticipation have far differed from the ones that have fallen on this special day.

Today we honor and celebrate Isaac’s 2nd Birthday! Since sunrise, it truly has been another sacred experience and I have been blessed to feel and experience things today that are more than this world has to offer.

Today is the day he was born into this world and also so quickly entered into the world of spirits.

He is the reason we do and believe what we do. He is the reason Christ came and died for us. He is in large, one of our greatest motivations to be better--that we can live again with him someday (…and finally, be able to watch him blow out his own birthday candles!) We know we will get to soon enough!!!

WE LOVE YOU, ISAAC ASHER WALTON, with all of our hearts and thank you for the way you’ve changed our lives and who we are becoming!


WE LOVE YOU and we pray for you everyday—until we meet again!

Throwback to August 5, 2013:

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