Thursday, May 23, 2013

You Make Me Proud!

I have a few "professionals" in the house that became such overnight, 
quite literally!

Since when did Scott become a surgeon?! 
Really, he just finished his 1st year of medical school, he hasn't even done a surgical rotation (that will come in another year or two) and his first real day in the OR (operating room) and they let him CUT- and by cut, I mean more than that even! 
(This was a day of "research"- 
part of the summer research he's participating in at UTMB). 

Here is the text he sent me today a little after
 he texted me this medical-looking-Darth Vador pic:
"Still in here. I got to cut the pig open, dissect and clean up the jugular vein in the neck, help put in the heart catheter, and then they let me stitch up the abdomen after taking out the spleen. I really am afraid surgery is the way I want to go. This is better than any surgery preceptorship. I helped cut open the spinal column and got to touch the spinal cord."

That is way cool, Scott! Good thing it was not a human (yet), and good thing that pig was under anesthesia!
Scott, you are a pro!

In other news,
Sydney mastered trike riding in one evening! 

Before she used to just sit on it and put her babies in the trunk compartment and play around it. She couldn't really get past 12 inches if she tried. 

But last night, Daddy took her out (in pajamas) to the courtyard, which, by the way, is way better than a driveway to learn to ride a bike on! That's one pro of an apartment over a house with a driveway and yard- I can keep telling myself that :). 

Now that she's figured it out she will not accept any help, even if she gets stuck. She loves her new found freedom on the bike.
I'm afraid she's just about to outgrow it now that her legs are finally long enough to maneuver it! Meh, we can't store a bigger bike so it'll have to do for a while. She won't mind.

She's a pro!

*Oh and Isaac, he's always a renewed pro with each passing day, dealing with and surviving his condition, growing and kicking strong to let me know it, each and every day. He's by far the biggest pro here.
You're a pro Isaac!

I love all 3 of you! Thanks for all your hard work and achievements!
You make me proud
in big and little ways! :)


  1. Wow! That is awesome, about all 3. :) Love being able to stay in contact with you guys!


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