Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 The last two weeks- 
I'll start with the most recent...

Who needs teeth whitening?! Just paint your face darker!
My sisters and I and our husbands have had this 5K run on our calendar for months now. No, we didn't really train for it, and no, it didn't really matter.
          It also didn't matter that we ran the "race" with my 8 1/2 month PREGNANT sister, and it didn't even matter that she cut a quarter mile or more out of the race by cutting across fields and other possible corners so that the rest of us could actually break a sweat to catch her. It was hilarious to see a big pregnant lady waddle-running by herself through the huge field very clear for all to see.
          There were 30,000 people that did the run in Kansas City, 15K of us on Saturday and the other half on Sunday.

Preparing for our super intense run 

There's a reason we registered as Team A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

 The START. See how FAST everyone is movin'?
We are FLYIN!!! 

 "You the man"

The first attack. "I surrender!"

 Let's just take a break in middle of the race for a picture..

Running to the finish line

"Wait! Where's Scott!!?!!" 

I went across the Finish line for the Kansas City marathon as well holding
my sister's hand and not Scott's. I WILL hold HIS hand across a finish line someday!

At the finish line everyone released their packet of color-it was a little hard to breathe for a moment. Mike got a little of it on video.

(Jeff's famous for these thigh shots)


and contrast.

Thanks, Mike, for chasing strollers down hills to capture 
these moments on camera for us :)

My new favorite pic of us :)


Shirtless for the ride home. 
Though, I don't think it helped much to keep the car clean ;)

It was a blast, in more ways than one. 

We dropped Sydney off in Dallas with Scott's parents and cousins on our way down to Galveston to find a home to live in for the next 4 years while Scott's in med school. 

Those TX cousins sure know how to make a cousin feel special!!! I think they treated her like a queen- always on some kind of throne with her cousins surrounding her haha. 
 At first she didn't know what to think of all the attention from all the young people.

And then she loved it.

We got to spend some time with (my oldest sister) Sarah, and Eric and their kids too while we were in Dallas and got some fun pictures. Check out their sweet water-bounce house slide!

 Soccer lesson 101- foot on ball

Syd loved sitting in that chair in the pool. You'd think she was in time-out :)

The beach, just down the street from our new home. 
Hazy morning- It was the hottest week of the summer so far.

 That's the Pleasure Pier in the distance.
          We didn't have any leisure time while there except meal time, which I thoroughly enjoyed, as always. When we found the house and didn't need to stay any longer, we realized we hadn't been swimming in the ocean yet and it was a must. So we drove way west (to check out that part of the island) to a secluded beach almost in the middle of nowhere and were there only 15 minutes when it was time to leave, take showers, and hit the road.
          Scott took one last dip and got stung by a jelly fish which I saw floating right next to him after it happened and we both ran out of the water. He had blistering bubbly welt marks on the back of his arm which burned throughout his whole body for the next hour.
We'll stick to the public beaches next time.
 This was moments after the sting. I should have gotten a picture of it!

Two weeks ago, Scott, Syd and I made Michelle and Jeff's house ours for the week while we took care of Madie for them while they were on vacation. It was a little vacation of our own, and I got a tiny taste of what it might be like to have twins (Syd and Madie are only a month apart). The most noticeable difference from only having one: I was a LOT more tired at the end of the day--and I had Scott there with me all week to help!

What was more, my cousin Daniel, who is a twin, and is dating a twin, was in town with his friend who is also a twin. I mean, seriously??? The thought crossed my mind- Is this some sort of a sign? Am I going to have twins next and that's why I'm getting a little longer break after Syd? ha ;)
Here are the highlights from that week, including Father's Day dinner the Sunday before. :)
Those two boys are twins, but not with eachother. 
Dan, my cousin, is the one to the left holding Syd.

  We met some people from church at a park for play group...

...and then got MCDONALDS after!!! My dream as a kid; we NeVeR got MICKy D's! ;)

 After-dinner dip at the pool

 Silly Girls!


Best Buy. And trust me, they were most definitely NOT
in the carts the whole time. Bad idea!!! 

 It was a fun little week :)

The rest are from Father's Day weekend, or thereabouts
I always loved eating at "The Kid Table"
Such a big girl! (With pig-tails) :)

Hey, when you want water and there's a straw closer than a cup,
you do what you have to do

She was so proud to help wash the cars :) Great little helper!

Have I mentioned yet that her #1 most used word is "SHOO"? 
She is OBSESSED! And I know JUST where she got it from :) 


  1. 1- Wow Sydney is looking SO much older!! She still looks like you and Scott at the same time, but older.
    2- I've always wanted to do a color run! That looks like a blast! You guys were definitely an awesome team! haha I can't believe how long Melissa has looked hugely pregnant, and she's still pregnant despite running 5ks and dancing around in rainbow dust hahaha
    3- looks like a really fun week for those twins, though tiring for the "parents" :)

    1. I'm glad you've heard about the color run!! Did you ever do the Hare Krishna (sp?) color thing?? That's the only thing I knew about before this!

  2. What a FUN run!! You are adorable! I love your little family! <3

  3. I am registered for Color Run Houston and my husband said he heard there was one in Galveston so I searched for it and came across your blog! I looked at your KC run pics and as I scrolled down saw familiar pics of Galveston (I live in Friendswood) and then saw your pics of your twin girls ( my twin girls are 4):). We enjoy the Pleasure Pier and may go next Friday. I hope you and your family enjoy Texas!!!

    1. Thanks Amy for your comment! The "twins" you see are actually cousins! Mine is the darker haired one and the blond one is my sisters. We watched her for a week and they are the same age so I called them my twins all week. We actually just moved to Galveston a few weeks ago for my husband to go to UTMB and we love it here! That would be sweet if there was a color run in Galveston!!!


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